Militaria – 19th July 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
142 Three hand sewn WWI and WWII embroidered panels to include the London Rifle Brigade – South Africa 1900-1902, the First London Regiment and the Military Police, a WWII helmet, a leather cased mirror with a Cornwall regiment lapel badge and postcards (1 box) 100 150
170 Maritime interest: An Aldis ‘Long Range’ signalling lamp with spare red and blue lenses 20 30
204 A WWI gas warning rattle 40 60
237 A WWII dress sword, with brass hilt and wirebound shagreen handle, with sheath 15 20
247 Two identical military swords with curved blades, brass hilts, stamped ‘702’ and ‘614’ with shagreen handles (at fault), each housed in leather and brass sheaths 20 30
251 An early Phonin Drone wooden propeller marked with part and serial numbers including; ‘Part no. 72201332 155A, Serial no. P O 339, Part no.4910-00008 155A, Serial no. F R 445’ 120 150
272 A Japanese officers’ sword, the blade inscribed with character marks and flag, numbered 46127, housed in green painted sheath with brass tsuba 40 60
294 A large block pulley bearing war department Broad Arrow mark 50 60
364 A collection of WWI and WWII memorabilia to include POW currency note for political or communist prisoners, a photograph of the hanging of Mussolini, postcards plus other items. 60 80
377 A collection of Kent County Constabulary police officers memorabilia to include 2 truncheons, handcuffs and key, wanted persons mug shot files, arrest logs, whistle, bicycle clips plus other items relating to C E Peckham, (See lot no 262 for associated uniform and lot 390 for associated medals) 50 70
382 A collection of RAF ephemera and memorabilia to include flight goggles, buttons, dog tags, maps, air crews lectern note folder etc, relating to C E Peckham, (See lot no 334 for associated uniform and lot 390 for associated medals) 30 50
387 Assorted badges, medals and buttons including military and Masonic examples 20 30
389 A WWII medal group comprised of The France and German Star, the 1939-1945 Star, a Defence Medal and a War Medal 15 25
390 Three WWII Defence medals, two 1939-1945 War Medals all with ribbons and two original postage boxes, an Elizabeth II Police Medal for ‘Exemplary Police Service’, an ARP badge and original box and two other medals (1 box) relating to C E Peckham, (See also lots 334, 382, 377 and 262 for associated items) 25 35
391 A WWII pocket compass (possibly German) and two part draughtman’s sets, cased 20 30
406 A WWI bronze death plaque for James Jocelyn Thompson together with a copper powder flask embossed with hounds and pheasants 50 70
447 A late 19th, early 20th century officers state sword of the 2nd Life Guards, the straight blade engraved with crown and scrolling foliage, the pierced guard with applied brass crowned 2nd Life Guard cypher and studs, chequered pommel and strap and wired fish skin grip complete with steel scabbard with fluted brass mounts 300 400
507 A small painted pine military chest 15 20
531 A painted pine military trunk, once belonging to Lieutenant W Markland 20 40
624 A green painted military trunk 30 50
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