Silver – 19th July 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
202 A silver collared cut crystal ships decanter 30 50
411 Five Mappin and Webb silver handled cake knives, silver handled scissors and pick, a three point wax seal and other items 20 30
419 A set of six 1930’s silver teaspoons, London 1932, combined weight 2.23ozt, 69.2g, cased 20 30
421 An Edwardian small silver 4-section toast rack, Birmingham 1901, 7cm long, 1.44ozt, 44.5g 15 20
425 A pair of Edwardian hammered silver spill vases, Birmingham 1902, with loaded bases, 13cm high (at fault) 15 20
428 Two silver topped panel cut glass jars, London 1911, the lids engraved with a crest and motto, together with a silver clip 15 25
430 A 19th Century Russian silver spoon with twisted stem and chased and engraved bowl, 18.5cm long, and two smaller similar silver spoons, 2.62ozt, 81.7g 80 100
431 A Russian silver kovsh, of usual form and plain design with gilt interior, marks to base, 8.75cm long, 1.53ozt, 47.6g 80 100
432 A pair of 18th century silver sugar tongs, with stylised shell-shaped bowls and flowerhead and foliate stems, repaired, 1.47ozt, 45.8g 15 20
433 A silver Asprey and Co. teaspoon, the stem bearing the inscription; HRH The Sultan of Selangor’, the bowl inscribed Silver Jubilee 1960 – 1985, cased, and another silver gilt teaspoon by Garrard and Co., boxed, combined weight 1.9ozt, 59.2g 25 35
434 A silver leaf-shaped strainer, Birmingham 1910, a silver plated pierced sugar cube holder raised on four feet and a hand held long handled early 20th century suit brush (3 items) 20 30
435 A Continental silver novelty table lighter in the form of a corn on the cob, one leaf lacking, 11.75cm high 100 150
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