Textiles, Clothing and Luggage – 19th July 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
31 Six vintage floral embroidered table cloths 15 20
33 Five boxed vintage Mappin and Webb lizard skin and leather handbags 80 120
69 Two Lizard skin and two leather vintage handbags (4 items) 40 60
122 A small collection of linen and lace together with two vintage handbags 15 25
130 A ladies mink jacket together with two fox fur stoles 20 30
162 Vintage clothing, linen and lace to include swimsuit, trunks, swim hat, spats, table cloths, place settings etc (3 boxes) 30 40
192 Assorted linen and lace to include place settings, table cloths, quilt cover etc (2 boxes) 20 30
260 A ladies synthetic fur jacket together with a collection of fur hats and collars 20 40
262 A 1960’s Policeman’s uniform, belong to Sergeant Peckham, 1154, Kent County Constabulary (helmet lacking) (See lot 377 for associated items and lot 390 for associated medals) 30 50
269 A ladies vintage mink fur jacket with silk lining 20 30
300 A vintage leather bound hat box with label for ‘Jones Brothers London’ 15 25
333 A ladies faux sheepskin jacket bearing the label ‘Nicole’ 10 20
334 A WWII RAF uniform, to include hats and overcoat, together with shirts and collars (See lot 382 for associated items and lot 390 for associated medals) 50 100
343 A small leather case, a music case, two straw boaters, ladies leather gloves and a pair of vintage shoes 10 20
443 A banded agate topped ebonised walking cane with silver collar 50 80
461 A vintage wooden bound steamer trunk together with a pair of 19th century brass fire dogs 10 20
524 A small leather suitcase and a leather satchel and three vintage suitcases (5 items) 10 20
525 A collection of vintage 1950’s and later men’s clothes to include suits, ties, shirts and a Dunn and Co. tweed sports jacket 10 20
528 Assorted handbags, laptop cases etc (1 box) 20 30
578 A vintage silk wedding dress decorated with pearls, beads and glass stones, complete with veil 20 30
583 A collection of vintage linen and lace to include table cloths, place settings etc 20 30
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