Auction Catalogue – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 A mid 20th century Bowman live steam powered pond launch, an aluminium live steam speed boat and a Mamod style live steam motor 40 60
2 A collection of Burago, Tonka and Solido 1/18 scale die cast cars to include a Ferrari GTO, Mercedes 300SL, Lancia Spider, a Maserati 250F plus others (10 items) 40 50
3 Two hand-coloured prints of Windsor Castle engraved by John Boydell 10 20
4 An oil on canvas depicting an African figure on a forest path, signed Michel to lower right, together with another of an African female digging crops 10 20
5 Two vintage bellows cameras, a Yvighander bellows camera, a Carl Zeiss Jena Turmon 8x angle lens, camera plates etc 20 40
6 A mixed collection of ceramics and glass to include Sylvac, Wedgwood, Art Deco glassware, a Whitefriars knobbly glass bowl plus other items 30 40
7 A Jasperware biscuit barrel and four other porcelain and ceramic biscuit barrels 20 40
8 Carolyn Denison Poland, watercolour and gouache depicting a Springer spaniel, signed to lower right, framed and glazed 20 30
9 20th Century Russian, oil on canvas, view of a citadel, possibly Red Square, signed 30 50
10 A collection of assorted shells of the world, a fossilised marble amonite and a shark’s jaw bone with teeth (1 box) 40 60
11 A large quantity of Portmeirion ‘Botanical Garden’ pattern dinnerware, jars, etc (approx 70 items, 3 boxes) 100 150
12 Two mid-19th century blue and white willow pattern meat plates 30 40
13 A S M Leese ‘Bodiam in Winter’, watercolour, signed to lower left and dated 1988 10 20
14 A limited edition oil on glass ‘Feast icon of Jesus Christ’ by Father Timotei Tohaneanu no. 10 dated 12th May 1984 complete with signed certificate of origin 50 100
15 A collection of assorted Poole pottery to include a Delphis dish, floral vase, blue polka dot bowl, a Guildford cathedral dish plus other items 40 60
16 Miscellaneous glassware to include a boxed pair of Royal Doulton crystal brandy bowls, Edwardian engraved glasses, a mid 20th century art glass vase plus other items (1 box) 15 20
17 A gilt framed, bevel edged wall mirror 10 20
18 Featherstone Robson ‘Durham Castle’ early 20th century engraving, together with another of ‘The Fish Market, Salisbury’ 10 20
19 An early 20th century Continental watercolour depicting a sea wall with figures and mountains to background, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
20 R. Herdman-Smith F.R.S.A., A.R.W.A., ‘Loch Lomond’, original aquatint engraving, edition limited to 150 signed artist’s proofs, signed and titled in pencil to lower margin with label to verso, 23cm x 29cm 10 20
21 A hand painted blue glazed Shelley vase, a Sylvac vase and other items (1 box) 30 40
22 A quantity of carved African heads, masks and other tribal items (1 box) 20 30
23 A 1930s Royal Copenhagen handpainted porcelain tea set decorated with floral sprays 60 100
24 A 20th Century colour print of London, viewed from Greenwich Park from the original by William Daniel 10 15
25 Ella Clarke, four limited edition prints of owls, each signed and with certificate of authenticity to verso 20 30
26 Peter Daykin ‘The Libyan Coast’ watercolour signed to lower left with inscription to verso 10 20
27 A collection of assorted mixed ceramics to include Price Kensington cottage ware biscuit barrel, butter and cheese dishes, Carlton ware cruets and leaf dishes, a Sylvac vase and other items 40 50
28 Assorted plated ware to include an Art Deco tea set, kettle on stand with burner, a food warmer, tray plus other items (1 box) 20 40
29 A framed and glazed print ‘View of Delft’ after Jan Vermeer, 1929 The Medici Society, label to verso 15 20
30 Jan Fairbanks, ‘A Quiet Wood’ oil on canvas, signed to lower right and inscribed to verso 50 100
31 A collection of Britains and other farm animals, play worn (1 box) 15 20
32 Miscellaneous fossils and specimens to include amethyst, quartz, fossilised sea urchins and coral, fossilised ferns and other items 30 50
33 An early 20th century handcoloured print of Nuneham Courtenay, Oxfordshire, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
34 Sarah Oliver, watercolour, still life of pansies, signed and dated 1976 10 20
35 A cartouche-shaped wall mirror with ornate white painted frame 20 30
36 Assorted Chinese and Japanese ceramics and cloisonné items (1 box) 15 20
37 Miscellaneous items to include two Tilley style lamps, bakelite flasks, an oak twin handled tray, brassware, amp meters etc (1 box) 15 25
38 Vilmo Gibello (b.1916) ‘The Pyramid’ abstract oil on canvas, signed to upper right with inscription to verso, unframed, please see, 38cm x 46cm 50 70
39 A framed and glazed photographic print of Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome, born 1850, died 1916 10 20
40 An Art Deco Wheldon Ware dinner service, in ‘Pelham’ design by F Winkle and Co Ltd (2 boxes) 50 70
41 Two framed sets of Players ‘Charles Dickens’ and ‘War Planes’, together with two other framed sets 20 30
42 A pair of 19th century hand coloured engravings depicting hunting scenes entitled ‘Going Down in Difficulty’ and ‘Flying a Difficulty’ 10 20
43 Assorted copper and brassware including jugs, a brass bell, and two vintage irons 40 60
44 A mid 20th century ‘Royal’ typewriter 10 20
45 Two early 20th century Japanese colour prints, one depicting a river scene with figures wading and with trees to background, and the other of a male with three female followers, both signed with character marks 70 80
46 D J Isaac, watercolour depicting a forest lake scene, signed to lower right, framed and glazed 10 20
47 A 20th century oil on board depicting a nomadic tribe and huts with mountains to background, signed ‘Dolo’ to lower right 15 20
48 A Victorian blue and white part dinner service to include graduated meat plates, tureens etc, a Staffordshire greyhound, Victorian tea cups and saucers plus other ceramics (2 boxes) 20 30
49 Assorted meccano, to include wheels, motors, cogs, gears, beams etc (2 boxes) 60 100
50 Gerald Norden,  ‘Kentish Heath in March’, oil on board depicting a winter scene, signed to lower right 20 40
51 An early 20th century watercolour depicting a shepherd and sheep with mountains to background, indistinctly signed to lower right 10 20
52 A large mid-20th century Indian brass table top tray with hammered elephant and palm decoration 20 30
53 A 19th century hand coloured engraving depicting Queen Victoria from the original by R J Lane ARA, together with a colour print depicting Victoria and Albert and their family 20 30
54 Assorted silver plated ware to include Kings pattern cutlery, boxed tea spoons, antler handled bottle openers and corkscrews, cake knives plus other items 30 40
55 Assorted 20th century Oriental figures to include deities, musicians, fishermen and a Tang horse, plus other figures 10 20
56 Assorted Victorian and later ceramics to include a pair of floral decorated Crown Devon vases and jardiniere, meat plates, La Rosa ware vases, figures etc (1 box) 20 30
57 A watercolour and gouache of a seated Victorian lady, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
58 J Graham, ‘Foxglove’, watercolour study, signed to lower right and dated ’83 10 20
59 An Art Deco pottery part dinner service, some pieces with Wilkinsons factory mark, hand painted with autumnal leaves in the manner of Clarice Cliff 50 80
60 An early 20th century watercolour depicting the bi-plane ‘Bombay’ flying above a river and fields 20 30
61 A selection of Aynsley Pembroke and other Aynsley china 20 30
62 Assorted glassware to include two pairs of ring neck decanters, a folded glass decanter, possibly Whitefriars, a cut glass punch bowl and 12 cups etc 30 50
63 A large reclaimed pine framed wall mirror 40 60
64 Arthur H Sendell, a pair of French 19th Century watercolours both depicting farm scenes and dated 1895 30 40
65 A quantity of Devon pottery including Torquay examples and other pottery (1 box) 25 35
66 Assorted silver plate and metal ware to include a pair of silver plated candlesticks, cutlery, a tray, a pewter charger and and inkwell, together with a novelty pewter hip flask in the form of a fountain pen (1 box) 20 30
67 A 20th century watercolour depicting a beach scene with boats and hills to background, monogrammed RGH to lower right, unframed 10 20
68 A Royal Worcester Hop Mathon pattern part dinner service to include two handled soup bowls, meat plate, dinner plates, side plates etc 20 30
69 A good collection of Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates dating from the early 1980s, some with boxes and certificates (2 boxes) 40 60
70 ‘Morning Stretch’ limited edition print of ducks, 23/30 indistinctly signed to lower right and dated to verso 27/5/1989 10 20
71 A 20th century oil on board depicting nomadic tribesmen and women amongst palms, signed Dolo to lower right 15 20
72 A quantity of Oriental ceramics and cloisonné items together with a dragon embossed metal frame 20 40
73 A German green glazed ‘Keramik’ pottery vase, an Austrian pottery vase with incised decoration and other ceramics (1 box) 30 40
74 A 20th century watercolour depicting a Scottish mountain scene with river and trees 10 20
75 I M P Williams, watercolour depicting a lake scene with figures, lilies and village to background 10 20
76 A pair of eight sided hanging and glazed display cases designed to house a collection of portrait miniatures 30 50
77 Assorted crested china, to include Willow, Aradian, Gemma, Goss etc (1 box) 20 40
78 A collection of Victorian and later ceramics to include a Theodore Haviland cornflower pattern tea set, an over sized floral decorated tea cup and saucer, Spode Italian patterned plates and other items 20 30
79 A late 19th/early 20th century oil on canvas depicting a female portrait by a balcony, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 20 30
80 A Poole pottery twin tone tea set to include teapots, butter dish, cruets, cups, saucers, egg cups etc (2 boxes) 20 30
81 A large cut glass vase, two decanters and other vintage glassware 30 40
82 David Harbour, ‘Mosquito Escort’, watercolour, signed to lower right with inscription to verso 20 40
83 Alan Langton ‘Outward Bound’ watercolour, depicting a sailing ship at full mast with inscription to verso 20 30
84 Seven 19th century and later hand painted porcelain cabinet plates 30 50
85 A Burleigh ware 1930’s Art Deco painted and hand painted part dinner service and a Midwinter part dinner services (2 boxes) 40 60
86 A David Shepherd signed print of an elephant in Africa and additionally signed in felt tip pen on the back ‘Best wishes David Shepherd’ 40 60
87 Joseph Albert Terry, Amsterdam scene, oil on board, housed in an ornate gilt brass frame 29cm x 24.5cm 30 50
88 Treen items, vintage tins, a small oil on panel of a sail ship and other miscellaneous items (1 box) 20 30
89 A late 19th century engraving ‘The Tower of London’ indistinctly signed to lower right, framed and glazed 10 20
90 Joyce Heasman ‘Flowers from my Garden’ artist’s proof print, signed to lower right 15 20
91 A quantity of 19th century and later blue and white willow pattern ceramics, mainly dinnerware, including Spode, assorted Royal Doulton ‘Norfolk’ pattern tea and dinnerware and other items (3 boxes) 40 60
92 A pair of Chinese 20th century black lacquer panels decorated in relief with carved hardstone figural scenes 100 150
93 After Sir Russell Flint, two colour prints ‘The Onlookers’ and ‘A Scrap of Newspaper’ both with labels to verso 20 30
94 Boris O’Klein, a pair of French novelty hand coloured prints depicting dogs, signed 60 100
95 A quantity of Victorian ceramics including lustreware, harvest ware jugs, green glazed pottery leaf plates, jelly moulds, hand painted porcelain vases and other items (2 boxes) 25 35
96 Assorted vintage games including Cluedo, Monopoly, playing cards, draughts, Ludo etc (1 box) 25 30
97 Three Louis Wain prints, one entitled ‘Playing Cats Cradle with her Wealthy Aunt’.  Possibly book plates 10 20
98 A model of a boat hull mounted on a wooden plaque,marked W M Gorton and Co 30 50
99 Two late 19th, early 20th century oils on board both depicting mountain lake scenes, one with highland cattle, the other with birds 20 40
100 B Thompson, three small oils on board depicting a Little Owl, a White Throat and a Tree Creeper 15 20
101 Two vintage bellows cameras and spare plates, together with three leather bound surveyors tape measures 30 50
102 A collection of Burago die cast 1/18 scale collectors cars to include a Bugatti Type 59, a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, a Jaguar E Type cabriolet, Mercedes SSK, Alfa Romeo 2300 M and a Mercedes 500k all with wooden plinth, together with a Burago Dodge Viper and an Anson 1934 Packard both boxed 40 60
103 A 20th century watercolour of an estuary scene with boats and castle to background, indistinctly signed to lower right 10 20
104 W E Mayes early 20th century watercolour depicting three sailing boats on a river bend with reeds and trees to background, signed to lower left 15 20
105 Assorted vintage horse tack to include a leather and brass work horse harness, horse brass, a brass doorstop in the form of an knight and other items (1 box) 20 30
106 Assorted mainly 20th century art glassware and other glass (1 box) 20 30
107 A late 19th century print ‘Market Morning’ depicting ladies talking over a garden gate, from the original painting by Yeend King 10 20
108 An early 20th century watercolour and gouache depicting ‘The Corner Cafe Cranbrook’ unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
109 Harris, 20th century oil on canvas of a forest tree lined stream, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
110 A large quantity of magic lantern slides 40 60
111 A Spode presentation ‘Millennium’ porcelain bowl, a Royal Doulton Series ware plate and bowl, T G Green Cornish ware, Royal Copenhagen plates, a child’s pottery tea set transfer decorated with nursery rhyme scenes and other items (3 boxes) 30 40
112 A Victorian coloured engraving ‘Juvenile Navigators’ depicting child play with boats on a pond originally painted by G Horland 10 20
113 A Continental lake scene with sailing boats and mountains and village to background, monogrammed E J W and dated ’68 20 30
114 W E Mayes, early 20th century watercolour depicting sailing boats on a river with lilies and cottage to background 15 20
115 Two mahogany Solitaire boards complete with marbles, plus spares 30 50
116 An early 20th century watercolour depicting a river scene with bridge and mountains to background, unsigned 15 20
117 A 19th century handcoloured engraving of ‘The Ship Yard, Newhaven’ 10 20
118 Assorted glassware to include a boxed Caithness bowl, crystal wine glasses, decanters, an Italian glass vase plus other items 20 30
119 Assorted silver plate and brassware to include a six piece cruet and stand, candelabra, teapot, tray, cutlery, coasters etc (1 box) 30 50
120 A large bevel edge wall mirror housed in a floral frame 20 30
121 An early 20th century watercolour landscape of fields, wild flowers and hills to background monogrammed A.S.W. 15 20
122 A Victorian advertising calendar for T Underwoods, Birmingham dated 1858 15 20
123 A Maling lustreware bowl with green glaze, a Burleigh ware bowl signed ‘Rhead’, a Maling lustreware vase, two Royal Crown Derby coffee cups and saucers and two millefiori glass paperweights (1 box) 50 70
124 Miscellaneous Victorian and later ceramics, to include Delft and collectors’ plates, a Royal Doulton Norfolk pattern part tea set, a J Woodstock and Co Hastings stoneware bottle plus other items 20 40
125 Assorted silver plated items including teapots, cutlery etc (2 boxes) 30 40
126 Two late 19th/early 20th century Indian hand painted silk panels of figures on a horse and camel housed in gilt frames 20 40
127 A 20th century watercolour depicting figures walking by a church, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
128 A collection of assorted 1930s and later composition dolls with jointed limbs 20 30
129 A Victorian silk work panel depicting flowers 15 20
130 An early 20th century watercolour depicting a village church with figures and sheep, indistinctly signed 10 20
131 Two late 19th/early 20th century handcoloured photographs of a young boy and girl housed in gilt frames 20 30
132 A 20th century floral woolwork panel 10 20
133 A vintage ‘The Service Blick’ cased typewriter 20 30
134 A quantity of miscellaneous brass and metal wares 30 40
135 A collection of Victorian and later commemorative cups, saucers and mugs, Toby jugs and other ceramics (2 boxes) 15 25
136 A pair of early 20th century shooting photos, both with inscription 10 20
137 R.A.H. Mitchell Esq and football eleven framed photograph dated 1895 with players names to margin and inscription to verso 50 70
138 A pair of cut crystal decanters together with three art glass paperweights 20 30
139 An Art Nouveau plaster clock garniture, together with an Art Deco clock 20 30
140 A set of six hand coloured prints of mounted Guardsmen, signed, framed and glazed 20 40
141 A modern photographic hunting print on canvas, unframed 10 20
142 Miscellaneous items to include an Oriental carved hardwood figure, a grotesque bird carved bookend, pipes and racks, Oriental stands plus other items 20 30
143 Miscellaneous ceramics, to include Royal Crown Derby coffee cups and saucers, an Imari pattern Derby tea cup and saucer, a Royal Crown Derby wren paperweight with gold stopper, a Limoges tea set plus other ceramics 60 80
144 Beryl Booth, oil on board, primroses and bees 20 30
145 C M Hawes, oil on board, still life of flowers 15 20
146 P Wilkins, a watercolour of Bodiam Castle signed and dated ’88 10 15
147 A collection of Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ ornaments to include two lidded pots, a vase, a tray, dishes, shoe, an Indian tree jug, an Oriental vase and a floral rose bowl 20 30
148 Miscellaneous items to include a gentleman’s Invicta wrist watch, pewter hip flask, two pairs of binoculars, a vintage ‘Vanguard’ stapler, a brass ship’s bell, a vintage umbrella plus other items (1 box) 30 50
149 ‘The Finding of the Sayer in the Temple’, print 10 20
150 An Indian gouache on hand made paper, framed and glazed 10 15
151 Graham Evenden, ‘Tea Party Field’ limited edition print 137/200 of a flower meadow with a cottage in the background, signed to lower right 20 40
152 Assorted 19th century and later glassware including three frosted glass light shades (1 box) 10 20
153 Miscellaneous ceramics to include Wedgwood Jasperware, trinket box, dishes, vase and plate, Poole pottery coffee set, a Coalport silver plate cake slice, Worcester ramekins boxed, plus other items (1 box) 30 40
154 Graham Evenden, two prints, one limited edition 31/200 ‘Water’s Edge’ together with an artists proof of ‘Muters Ford’, both signed to lower right 30 50
155 A collection of early 20th century Masonic certificates relating to Grand Master John Robert Lauder 10 20
156 A print after Garman Morris ‘Calm Evening’ depicting sailing and rowing boat on a misty sea 10 20
157 A Taylor & Kent Art Deco floral decorated part tea set, a Royal Doulton ‘Larchmont’ patterned tea set together with two floral patterned part tea sets (2 boxes) 20 40
158 Graham Evenden. two trial proof prints entitled ‘Cow Parsley’ and ‘Poppies’, both signed to lower right 20 30
159 Graham Evenden, two trial proof prints, ‘Daisies’ and ‘Buttercups’ both signed to lower right 20 30
160 A vintage silk wedding dress decorated with pearls, beads and glass stones, complete with veil 10 20
161 A large collection of assorted watercolours, prints and engravings 20 30
162 A collection of vintage linen and lace to include table cloths, place settings etc (2 boxes) 10 20
163 Assorted crystal and glassware to include comports, wine and whisky glasses, trays, jugs etc (1 box) 15 20
164 Miscellaneous items, to include a copper caddy, Arabic knife and scabbard, gilt brass and enamel candlesticks, pewter measures, an engraved glass tankard and other items (1 box) 20 30
165 A Grindley fruit decorated tea set, blue and white jugs, Poole twin tone plates, a black Wedgwood Jasperware ash tray plus other ceramics (2 boxes) 20 30
166 Assorted glassware to include vases, jugs, a green glass scent bottle, a tazza preserve pot plus other items (1 box) 10 20
167 Miscellaneous items to include a brass pestle and mortar, draughtsman’s instruments, carriage clocks, iron eagle on stand plus other items 20 40
168 Various tea ware to include an egg shell porcelain part tea set, a Mintons trio and other tea ware (2 boxes) 20 30
169 A mid 20th century Italian cellulose doll marked ‘Cares’ to back of neck, wearing a silk wedding dress 20 40
170 Assorted copper, brass and pewter to include a hunting horn (2 boxes) 30 40
171 A retro 1970’s plastic stacking picnic set and vintage cookery books 10 15
172 Miscellaneous items to include two early 20th century milk glass lamp shades decorated with roses, a Beswick ewer, silver plated items, a vintage child’s building block game plus other items (2 boxes) 10 20
172A A quantity of assorted books including two volumes by Juliana Horatia Ewing with illustrations by M V Wheelhouse and other volumes on furniture, ceramics, art, cookery etc (2 boxes) 15 25
173 A Chinese brass bowl signed with character marks, a brass inkwell in the form of a knight’s helmet and a pair of brass candlesticks 20 30
174 A collection of Kilner glass jars together with seven Victorian stoneware bottles (2 boxes) 10 20
175 A collection of mixed crystal and glassware to include four boxed Edinburgh crystal fruit bowls, a cream jug, a sugar bowl, a rose bowl, a Caithness flower bowl, a Whitefriars ruby vase and other items 40 50
176 A cased microscope, two clocks, a lacquered box, spinning bobbins, walking sticks and ski poles 30 50
177 A large quantity of reference books comprised of various sets of volumes including 7 volumes of ‘Lloyds Encyclopedia Dictionary’, 10 volumes of ‘Chambers Encyclopedia’, 15 volumes of ‘Children’s Encyclopedia’, 3 volumes of ‘Countries of the World’, 6 volumes of ‘The Self Educator’, 8 volumes of ‘Book of Knowledge’, and other volumes including novels (5 boxes) 20 30
178 Miscellaneous items to include an oak dinner gong in the form of a ship’s wheel, an oak cased canteen of cutlery, mixed deactivated WWII bullets, vintage coins, a Chinese tin plate duck and other items 30 50
179 Assorted ornaments including animal figures and an aneroid barometer, a pair of Cinque Ports pottery novelty salt and pepper pots in the form of monks, and other ceramics (2 boxes) 20 30
180 A quantity of gilt, brass and plaster decorative furniture mounts 25 35
181 A collection of five framed pictures, photographs and certificates, including a French gouache of a female ‘entertainer’ 15 25
182 Assorted ceramics and glassware to include a Cornish ware striped coffee pot, a large West German 1970 vase, casserole pots, a studio pottery biscuit jar plus other items (2 boxes) 15 25
183 Assorted linen and lace to include place settings, table cloths, quilt cover etc (2 boxes) 10 20
184 A collection of assorted watercolours all painted by Joan Searle including still life studies 10 20
185 Miscellaneous English and Continental ceramics and glassware (3 boxes) 15 25
186 Assorted crystal and cut glass to include wine glasses, a lemonade set, storage jars, coloured glass animals etc (2 boxes) 10 20
187 Victorian and later books, to include Charles Dickens volumes, the leather bound volumes work of George Eliot etc (2 boxes) 10 20
188 Assorted ceramics to include a large Portmerion Narcissus watering can, Staffordshire style Dalmations, Capodimonte orchid, Oriental dishes, collectors plates, Royal Worcester and Limoges boxes, and other items (2 boxes) 20 40
189 A 1930’s style mottled frosted glass ceiling light plus one other 15 20
190 A collection of assorted 19th century and later prints, engravings, limited editions etc 15 20
191 Assorted ceramics to include a Prinknash tankard and jug, a Victorian hunting jug, a drizzle glazed studio pottery vase, a carved soapstone box and other items 20 30
192 An Art Deco brass 5 branch electrolier with frosted glass flared rimmed shades.  Untested and sold as spares 20 40
193 A Royal Doulton ‘Larchmont’ pattern porcelain dinner and tea service 20 30
194 A mid 20th century composition doll with sleeping eyes and upper teeth with wooden articulated limbs 30 40
195 A collection of ceramics to include Aynsley ‘Cottage Garden’ vase, oriental bowls and vases, a Delft table lamp, a Queen Mother commemorative mug plus other items 30 40
196 A pair of carved African female bust bookends, a tribal carved wooden and metal mounted mask, a cast brass African female figurine and other items (1 box) 20 40
197 A quantity of assorted eggshell porcelain and a Continental porcelain tea set 15 25
198 Assorted ornaments including a bisque porcelain set of horse figures, Mdina glass birds and other items 20 30
198A A group of assorted oils, prints, engravings etc to include Kent interest 15 20
199 Assorted metalware including a three-light electrolier (untested and sold as spares), an Oriental bronze quill holder and inkwell stand, glue pot, door furniture, assorted clock parts and a metronome (2 boxes) 25 35
200 A quantity of assorted ceramics and glass to include a Masons Mandalay pattern jug, a pair of Gouda vases, Oriental vases, Art Deco glassware and other items 20 30
201 A collection of vintage dolls of the world in national costumes (1 box) 10 20
202 Miscellanoues items to include a Smiths mantle clock, silver plated wine pourer, pewter tankards and other items (1 box) 10 20
203 Assorted 19th century and later engravings, watercolours, prints etc., to include Kent interest (1 box) 20 30
204 Assorted walking sticks including one example with a carved handle in the form of a dog’s head 20 40
205 A 20th century Chinese famille vert porcelain umbrella stand 20 30
206 Miscellaneous ceramics to include vases, tureens, planter etc (2 boxes) 10 20
207 A collection of carved wooden and soapstone animals, wooden boxes, kakuri knife plus other items 15 20
208 An oval silver plated bowl and a rectangular silver plated tray, a part fruit set with mother of pearl handles and assorted miscellaneous items including ceramics, a pair of brass candlesticks and a hat box 10 20
209 A Royal Albert ‘Memory Lane’ tea set and a papier maché Kashmiri bowl 15 20
210 Miscellaneous items to include six pictorial German beer steins, a religious pierced bronze bell, floral paperweight with rose mark to bases plus other items (1 box) 20 40
211 An assortment of mid 20th century hand embroidered and other linen and lace, mainly table settings (1 box) 20 30
212 Miscellaneous items, to include a Mexican pewter meat dish, a decanter, candlesticks, a floral tea set etc 15 20
213 A large Zodiac signs decorated flowerpot, Portmeirion mugs, jelly moulds etc 20 30
214 A Japanese copper brush pot decorated with Asiatic pheasants, a Japanese hardwood tray, a carved green hardstone bowl plus other Oriental items 30 40
215 A 20th century French gilt brass carriage clock with bevelled glass panels 20 30
216 An Royal Air Force A M Astro compass MkII Ref: 6A/11740 20 30
217 A Garrard & Co leather presentation box, a Cartier and a Rolex box 30 40
218 An early 20th century ‘Stanley’ black lacquer and brass theodolite, complete with case 40 60
219 A 20th century Japanese simulated wood lacquered papier maché box, the top decorated with birds, insects and blossoms 50 70
220 A late 19th century rosewood and ivory bound glove box 20 30
221 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century carved oak letter holders decorated with oak leaves 20 40
222 An early railway warning light with red lens and porcelain burner 30 40
223 An early 20th century coppered spelter figure of a cavalier 60 100
224 A pair of Art Deco Don pewter twin handled caddies with hinged lids 20 30
225 A mid 20th century Viners carving set, cased, together with a cased set of silver plated cake knives and forks 30 40
226 A 19th century bronze figure inscribed to base ‘REX REGUM ET DOMINUS DOMINANTIUM’ and signed Jean Magrou 80 120
226A G Drummond Fish, ‘Glendassen’, watercolour of a Scottish mountain river scene, signed lower right, unframed 20 40
227 A late 19th, early 20th century Cantonese wine pot, together with an erotic porcelain snuff bottle 40 60
228 A Chromed ‘Cherub’ ship’s log converted into a table lamp 20 40
229 A 1960s experimental Poole Pottery vase (at fault) 30 40
230 A pair of large late 19th century Continental porcelain black ground two-handled vases decorated with printed and painted panels of children 30 50
231 A Masons Ironstone aesthetic cobalt blue ground and gilt decorated two handled lidded vase 60 80
232 A 1950’s boxed ‘Big Size’ British sports cars tin plate model of a friction driven MG sports car 15 25
233 A 19th century gilt brass inkwell deskstand with mask and scroll decoration 40 60
234 A 20th century Oriental vase of ovoid form decorated with females and blossoms, together with a German crystal vase decorated with birds 20 30
235 A late 19th early/20th century silver plated horn handled table top cigar lighter with spherical gimble raised on dual lobbed supports 50 70
236 A Venetian glass perfume bottle and a matching atomiser 40 60
237 An Edward Hamlan champion of the world rower embossed glass tankard 10 20
238 A Royal Doulton series ware twin handled vase, a floral decorated Charlotte Rhead jug, a poppy decorated Radford vase  and a Grays pottery hand painted jug 50 70
239 A Moser facet and hobnail cut glass vase with gilt floral scrolling neck 20 30
240 An Italian porcelain jardiniere in the form of a cherub 15 20
241 A Doulton Lambeth blue glazed floral decorated jug 50 70
242 A mottled green Swedish Gustrvberg Argenta bowl inlaid with silver fish, numbered 1035 250 300
243 A Moorcroft pottery vase in blue and green colours, signed at base 50 100
244 An early 20th century silver plated flared rimmed vase with amber glass liner 70 100
245 A pair of late 19th century Oriental Imari patterned vases of ovoid octagonal form 60 80
246 A bottle of Taylor’s 1967 vintage port and a bottle of Niepoort 1990 vintage port 30 40
247 An Art Deco glass bowl with impressed iris decoration, ‘Verleys France’ inscribed to base 30 40
248 A Royal Doulton ‘Neptune’ character jug 30 50
249 A rare Mallochs patent brass fish reel with line guide and ebonised handle 30 50
249A A Tiffany Studio New York copper pine cone shaped candle stick 50 70
250 Two Royal Doulton character jugs ‘Sairey Gamp’ and ‘Scrooge’ 20 30
251 Three pieces of Brannam ware pottery 30 40
252 Eight assorted Goebel Hummell porcelain figures 60 80
253 An Elkington & Co cherub embossed plaque inscribed ‘Hove Camera Club Exhibition 1904’ together with two bronze plaques etc 20 30
254 LOT 254 IS A NO LOT 0 0
255 A Victorian hand blown opaque glass vase of ovoid form with pinched rim and piped, floral decoration, together with two Victorian flower head bowls in pinks and blues, decorated with petals and leaves and raised on gilt stands 50 70
256 A pair of Faience twin handled vases, together with a maiolica jardiniere stand 40 60
257 A quantity of ceramic animals and birds to include a Beswick Bambi, donkeys, USSR rabbits, Doulton terrier plus other examples (1 box) 20 30
258 A large Royal Doulton character jug ‘Tony Weller’ and a small Royal Doulton character jug ‘Mr Micawber’ 20 30
259 A late 19th century carved conch shell depicting classical females, chariot and angels with castle to background 30 40
260 A French Sevres milk glass single handed vase on footed base, together with a Sevres pink glass vase of conical form, both with etched marks to bases 50 70
261 An Oriental bronze vase depicting birds and blossoms 30 50
262 Two Czechoslovakian Moser vases of ovoid octagonal form and flared rims by Kalovy Vary both with etched marks to bases 40 60
263 A 20th century amethyst vase with flared rim 150 200
264 A late Victorian papier maché two section tea caddy, with ivory lined interior 100 150
265 Two large Vienna porcelain style wall plaques, signed Kaufmann 30 40
266 A 20th century hollow cast bronze figure of a young child, unsigned 40 60
267 An early 20th century folding table tray, a Karmer Lane Co walnut and cane folding back rest with bone tablet label, and a brass and wire fire guard 15 20
268 Two Victorian oval shaped mirrors both with bevel edge plates 30 40
269 A framed pears print ‘Greetings’ 10 20
270 A pair of white painted cast iron two-light girandol wall mirrors 20 30
271 An early 20th century aneroid barometer together with a circular Sorrentoware tray 20 30
271A Assorted silver plate and cutlery including cased fish knives and forks, butter knives, a circular cruet stand and other items (1 box) 15 20
272 Two early 20th century pine folding bed trays on turned supports 15 20
273 A 1960’s glass ceiling light shade and fitting (untested and sold as spares) 15 20
274 Two boxes of pool balls and four pool cues 10 20
275 A miniature black painted cast iron bench with wooden seat 20 30
276 Assorted walking sticks, including an example with a compass set in the top 20 30
277 An Arts and Crafts leaded light copper hall lantern 30 50
278 A pair of Continental circular bisque porcelain plaques entitled ‘Ernest’ 10 20
279 A 20th century brass cased marine stick barometer, the face inscribed JJBLM 16A 22 R N Desterro, Lisbon 60 100
280 An early 20th century mahogany cased drop dial wall clock with fussee movement, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and marked London County Council 120 150
281 A 19th century walnut case banjo barometer with silver dials and bone finial, marked ‘Everest Tonbridge’ 100 150
282 A Modern mahogany cased 15 day wall clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals 10 20
283 A 1930’s oval bevel edged wall mirror 10 20
284 A mid 20th century circular gilt framed mirror with convex plate and ball shot frame 20 40
285 An early 20th century rectangular burr walnut framed wall mirror 40 60
286 A small Oriental painted three-fold screen with floral painted embossed panels 35 55
287 A Gillian Clarke 1994 Commonwealth Games, Gold and Silver medallist signed badminton shirt with racket and shuttle cock, housed in a bow front perspex case 30 40
288 A vintage 8 string Marcelli Banjolin complete with case and key 40 60
289 A late 19th century pine coat rack hand carved with floral panels and birds 30 40
289A A vintage Olympia ‘Splendid 66’ typewriter 10 20
290 Two Laura Grant designed plush Teddy bears both wearing tartan caps, scarves, trousers, and green wax jackets 10 20
291 A large 19th century iron bound oval coopered bucket 100 150
292 A 19th century rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid jewellery box containing various vintage medical supplies 10 20
293 A pair of 19th century rosewood circular tapestry topped footstools 20 30
294 A pair of Oriental style blue and white floral patterned ginger jar table lamps. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
295 An early 19th century oak box, the lid carved with entwined creatures above floral carved panels 20 30
296 A large quantity of reference books comprised various sets of volumes including 19 volumes of ‘International Library of Famous Literature’ 14 volumes of ‘The Popular Encyclopedia’, 10 volumes of ‘The Children’s Encyclopedia’, 7 volumes of ‘Harmsworth Popular Science’, 7 volumes of ‘The Garden Pathway’, 4 volumes of ‘Beautiful Britain’ and 5 volumes of ‘The Children’s Encyclopedia’, and other volumes including the Works of Shakespeare (5 boxes) 20 30
297 A modern wrought iron ceiling light decorated with roses and leaves 20 30
298 A vintage brass theodolite housed in a mahogany case 40 60
298A A T G Green mixing bowl, three toby jugs etc 20 30
299 A hollow cast bronze figure of a female Thai dancer on later base 50 100
300 A copper bed warming pan with turned handle 20 40
301 Two 19th century painted wooden Russian weaver’s skein winder stands 30 40
302 A wooden bound steamer trunk 20 30
303 A vintage ‘Aero’ seed spreader 10 20
304 A boxed coloured picture of a suspension bridge by Chinese artist Jin Bo Hua, signed to lower right 15 20
305 A Victorian copper twin handled urn with brass tap, together with a ‘Classic Accessories’ brass car horn 15 20
306 A pair of modern 20th century Chinese porcelain vases, hand painted in enamels with butterflies and flowers and a matching bowl and charger, both  of which raised on a hand carved hardwood stand (4 items) 100 150
307 A large Rococco style gilt brass and enamel table lamp decorated with applied floral swag, untested and sold as spares 50 70
308 A ceramic garden seat in the form of an elephant 15 20
309 A vintage Finnigans of London black leather vanity case 40 60
310 An Edwardian walnut coal box with ornate lion ring handle 10 20
311 A mid 20th century chrome companion set, two brass fire irons and a brass and wire fire guard 20 30
312 A 20th century brass five branch wall mounted electrolier, untested and sold as spares 10 20
313 A large Harrods teddy bear, two other jointed teddy bears and a soft toy monkey 20 40
314 A Victorian wall hanging metal servant’s bell and a circular painting of flowers on tin 15 20
315 A Halger & Watts surveyor’s level in case and a cased Barometric Standard Bar 30 50
316 An early 20th century taxidermy study of a fox with prey mounted on a burr walnut trunk 200 250
317 An Oriental style blue and white ceramic stick stand decorated with urns, scrolls, lanterns and motifs 30 40
318 An early 20th century taxidermy study of a Badger head mounted on an oak shield-shaped plaque, inscribed ‘Essex Fox Hounds, Big Wood, Lambourne, 5th Sept 1924’.  The reverse with makers tablet inscribed ‘mounted by the Army & Navy Stores Naturalist Department’ 50 60
319 A small brown swan neck lamp – Untested and sold as spares 10 20
320 A 19th century oak dome top dressing table mirror on turned supports 30 40
321 A Duplex brass oil lamp with milk glass shade 10 20
322 A taxidermy study of a mink 30 50
323 A set of brass Georgian style fire irons, together with a pair of brass fire dogs 30 40
324 An early 20th century leather gun case, an iron and wooden yolk, plus two large leather belts 30 40
325 A large leather bound volume of Common Prayer 1820, two volumes of the Bible from 1817 and a large book of Psalms from the same year 15 25
326 Two scratch built Knights, a pewter bowl together with a late 19th century cast iron ash tray 20 30
327 A late 20th century bisque porcelain doll impressed mark to neck and head ‘Molly’ Dalm 98, in traditional dress housed in a perspex case 10 20
328 A late 19th/early 20th century brass oil lamp with milk glass shade 10 20
329 A 19th century marble and slate mantel clock, the enamel and brass dial with Arabic numerals 30 40
330 A pair of large Chinese ornate carved gilt statues in the form of an eagle resting on a tree looking down on a reclining figure, possibly originally designed as lamps 200 400
331 An Art Nouveau twin handled jardiniere decorated with roses and lily of the valley 10 20
332 A large hanging brass oil lamp with glass shade, converted to electricity  – untested and sold as spares 30 40
333 A Vickers Instruments laboratory microscope 20 30
334 An Olympus IS-1000 35mm camera with 200mm lens complete with case and batteries.  Untested and sold as spares 10 20
335 An E.K. Cole ‘Thermovent’ Bakelite space heater – Untested and sold as spares 10 20
336 Viktoria Samsonora, 20th century, ‘Young Violinist’ oil on board signed to lower right with inscription to verso, together with other oils and picture frames 20 30
337 A set of Victorian brass fire irons together with a copper and oak bed warmer 15 20
338 A 1970’s battery operated train set with automatic whistle and smoke 10 20
339 A cased half size violin and bow with makers label for Alban & Voight & Co 10 20
340 An Aladdin brass oil lamp with red glass shade, a mother of pearl and scallop shell lamp shade, together with a ceramic and brass table lamp, untested and sold as spares 20 40
341 A brass five branch electrolier, untested and sold as spares 10 20
342 An early 20th century oak cased drop dial wall clock with enamel dial and Roman numerals 80 120
343 A Rudolf Wennberg of Stockholm 8-day wall clock striking on a bell, housed in ornate scrolling carved gilt case 30 40
344 A mahogany crossbanded banjo barometer by W Watson & Sons London 30 50
345 An illuminated advertising sign ‘Hassia, Sprudel’ 40 60
346 A 19th century cast iron plaque showing a cavalier above an owl, housed in a wooden frame 50 70
347 A ladies faux sheepskin jacket bearing the label ‘Nicole’ 10 20
348 A 20th century glass lustre-hung 8 branch chandelier – untested and sold as spares 50 70
349 A brass helmet shaped coal scuttle, together with a brass companion set 30 40
350 A vintage leather bound hessian suitcase 20 40
351 A sword fish bill 40 60
352 A Victorian mahogany writing box 20 30
353 After George Morland, ‘The Tea Party’, coloured engraving 20 40
354 A mid 20th century oak oval mirror with bobbin decoration 10 20
355 A vintage course fishing cane rod in canvas case 10 20
356 A pair of large Chinese modern 20th century porcelain lidded vases, decorated in enamels with floral and foliate designs 80 120
357 A 20th century Chinese porcelain charger decorated in enamels in the Imari palette, on hand carved hardwood stand 20 30
358 A small alligator skin and an iguana skin 30 40
359 An oak cased canteen of silver plated cutlery and other cutlery 10 20
360 A collection of assorted canes and crooks 10 20
361 A collection of Alfred Mucha prints 15 25
362 LOTS 362 TO 369 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
370 A Georgian ‘Fancy Back’ tablespoon by Thomas Wallis London 1773 40 60
371 A Georgian ‘Fancy Back’ tablespoon by Thomas Wallis, London 1774 40 60
372 A silver butter dish with formal pierced decoration with glass liner, Birmingham 1922 and an old English and shell pattern caddy spoon , Birmingham 1934 50 70
373 A Georgian Scottish fiddle pattern toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1815 45 65
374 An antique Dutch hallmarked silver serving slice with formal pierced and engraved decoration and wooden handle 40 60
375 A Continental silver backed dressing table set comprising hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush and comb 50 70
376 A Victorian silver mounted crocodile skin gentleman’s wallet, Birmingham 1897 30 50
377 A classic design silver sugar caster, Birmingham 1959, 6 3/4”,  4.5ozt 65 85
378 A pair of heavy gauge Georgian old English pattern sauce ladles by William Eley, William Fearn and William Channer, London 1812 90 110
379 A number of Victorian silver items: a sugar bowl with half fluted decoration, Birmingham 1866, a decorative circular trinket dish, London 1888, a long pickle fork Sheffield 1898 and a pearl handled butter knife, Birmingham 1864 65 85
380 An Art Deco jam spoon and butter knife contained in fitted case, Sheffield 1945, and a heavy gauge egg cup, Sheffield 1940 45 65
381 A circa 1760 Georgian silver punch ladle with whalebone handle 40 60
382 A rare Georgian Scottish ‘Provincial’ silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon by Alexander Cameron, hallmarked for Dundee 188 65 85
383 A small silver clock bearing Millennium assay marks of Sheffield 2000, an ingot key ring with 1977 Jubilee assay marks and a novelty ‘book’ bookmark stamped .925 45 65
384 A large pari of Kings pattern silver handled salad servers, Sheffield 1931 60 80
385 A set of three decorative silver decanter labels (Whisky, Brandy, Sherry) 55 75
386 A Georgian fiddle pattern sauce ladle by William Eley, London 1812 50 70
387 A classic design sauce boat, Sheffield 1933 3/5ozt, and a five bar toast rack, Sheffield 1939 2ozt. Both by Edward Viner 90 120
388 A pair of heavy guage Edwardian fiddle and thread pattern sauce ladles by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1905 6ozt 130 150
389 A rectangular (8.75”x7”) silver photo frame 35 55
390 A pair of antique French crystal glass perfume bottles with facet cut decoration, with glass stoppers and silver screw lids bearing French 1st standard (.950) assay marks of c.1910 65 85
391 A Georgian large size fiddle pattern butter knife by Thomas Robbins c. 1810, and a pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs London 1816 by Thomas Wilkes Barker 55 75
392 An Art Deco tea strainer, Birmingham 1944, a circular napkin ring, Birmingham 1949 and a shoe horn, Sheffield 1931 40 60
393 A Victorian fiddle pattern silver toddy ladle by George Adams, London 1863 40 60
394 A heavy gauge silver slide action pill box bearing Mexican sterling hallmarks, and an elegant design silver Chatelaine clip bearing Swedish hallmarks c.1910 45 65
395 A classic design five piece silver cruet set comprising mustard pot and spoon, salt pot and spoon and a pepper pot, all with glass liners and hallmarked for Birmingham 1959 70 90
396 An Antique three piece silver handled Christening set (knife, fork, spoon) bearing French 1st standard (.950) assay marks 30 50
397 A pair of heavy gauge rat tail pattern silver sauce ladles, London 1926 3.25ozt 65 85
398 A seven bar silver toast rack, Birmingham 1964, and a cut glass jam jar with silver lid, Birmingham 1957 65 85
399 A pair of Georgian Scottish silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs, Edinburgh 1810 and a silver bladed butter knife, London 1807 40 60
400 Various Edwardian silver items to include a butter dish, Sheffield 1901, a napkin ring, Birmingham 1901, a caddy spoon, Chester 1905, a pearl handled fruit knife, Sheffield 1902, a cut glass hat pin jar with silver lid, London 1901 and a small jade pickle fork, Birmingham 1907 65 85
401 A scarce Exeter hallmarked William IV fiddle pattern sauce ladle by Isaac Parkin 1836 45 65
402 A heavy gauge ‘Dog nose’ pattern silver Christening knife and spoon by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1928 3ozt 35 55
403 A pair of 2.25” high silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1963 and a decorative napkin ring in original retailer’s box, Birmingham 1966 50 70
404 A rectangular (10.5” x 2.75”) cut glass dish with silver rim bearing Austrian assay marks of 1920 30 50
405 Three Georgian silver old English pattern items to include a sauce ladle, London 1810, a tablespoon, London 1797 and a second table spoon, London 1798 5.5ozt 90 110
406 A five bar silver toast rack, Sheffield 1931 40 60
407 A scarce Exeter hallmarked antique fiddle pattern large size butter knife dating to 1848 and a pair of continental silver knife rests c.1910 45 65
408 A Victorian silver fruit basket (11”x8.75”x2.5”) with lobed panels to the body and with formal pierced and engraved decoration, Birmingham 1893 275 325
409 A pair of Georgian fiddle pattern tablespoons by Sarah & John Blake, London 1817 70 90
410 A pair of Scandinavian circular and shaped silver dishes with central embossed mountain goat decoration 35 55
411 A decorative antique silver butter knife and a pair of claw end sugar tongs, both bearing French first standard (.950) assay marks and c.1900 50 70
412 A pair of elegant design silver cream ladles, Birmingham 1939 60 80
413 A heavy gauge square shaped silver ashtray with engine turned decoration, a cut glass perfume bottle with silver collar together with a stopper, a pair of silver sherry and gin decanter labels and a Royal Bank of Scotland silver bookmark housed in original box 65 85
414 A heavy gauge Georgian fiddle pattern sauce ladle by William Chawner, London 1818 50 70
415 A scarce example of a pre-revolutionary Russian hallmarked silver matchbox holder with reeded decoration 40 60
416 A small heavy gauge silver cream jug and matching two handled sugar bowl hallmarked for London 1919 4ozt 60 80
417 A set of three William IV fiddle pattern silver tablespoons, London 1832, makers mark ‘LS’ 7.5ozt 125 175
418 A decorative Dutch hallmarked silver sifter spoon bearing London import marks of 1898 and a small decorative Continental silver cream jug of similar date 45 65
419 A pair of boat shaped salts with half fluted decoration, Birmingham 1896, a decorative sifter spoon, London 1879, a card case, Chester 1895, a pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1890, and a fiddle pattern egg spoon, Exeter 1853 100 130
420 A scarce example of a Georgian ‘scroll back’ silver tablespoon, London 1772 50 70
421 A jam spoon, Sheffield 1917, a napkin ring, Birmingham 1903, a pearl handled fruit knife, Sheffield 1909, a butter knife, Sheffield 1929, a tot cup, Chester 1922, and an egg cup, Birmingham 1971 65 85
422 A pair of child’s feeders (pusher and spoon) contained within fitted case, Sheffield 1927, and a Royal commemorative teaspoon, Sheffield 1934 40 60
423 A London 1746 silver tablespoon by John Wirgman 45 65
424 A pair of 6” tall trumpet shaped silver vases, Birmingham 1972, and a pair of glass ashtrays with sterling silver applied decoration 50 70
425 A crystal glass decanter with fine quality engraved formal decoration and silver collar hallmarked for Birmingham 1926 50 70
426 A pair of heavy gauge oval silver napkin rings produced to commemorate the maiden world cruise of the P&O liner ‘Oriana’ 50 70
427 Two Dutch hallmarked silver novelty windmill items: a tea strainer and a long handled ice cream sundae spoon 50 70
428 A cream ladle, London 1932, a pair of butter knives, Sheffield 1930, a sifter spoon, Birmingham 1929, and a jam spoon, Sheffield 1930, all old English pattern 75 95
429 An ornate Victorian Scottish silver serving spoon with bright cut decoration to the handle and gilded bowl, Edinburgh 1873 35 55
430 A small cut glass jar complete with decorative silver jam spoon, Sheffield 1908 25 35
431 A pair of silver fish servers with faux ivory handles contained in a fitted case, Sheffield 1931 110 130
432 A cased set of six Edwardian silver gilt anointing tea/coffee spoons hallmarked for London 1902 and a crystal glass powder jar with silver lid, Birmingham 1918 65 85
433 An 8.75” long Georgian berry spoon, London 1818, and a pearl handled Georgian butter knife by Mathew Boulton, Birmingham 1816 55 75
434 Fine example of a William IV fiddle pattern sifter spoon. London 1830 50 70
435 A solid silver letter opener with decorative cast and pierced handle, London 1989, and an 8.25” tall cut glass rose bud vase on silver base, Birmingham 1985 50 70
436 A cased set of six Art Deco silver teaspoons and sugar tongs bearing the ‘Jubilee’ assay marks of Sheffield 1934 50 70
437 A collection of useful small silver plated items: a pair of candlesticks, a pair of sauce ladles, a sugar sifter spoon, a butter knife and a napkin ring 30 50
438 A 9” tall silver flower epergne with fixed central trumpet shaped vase and three smaller matching removable vases, each piece hallmarked for Birmingham 1920 125 150
439 A silver cream jug with fluted decoration and with lions claw feet, and a small oval shaped dish with case, pierced and embossed decoration.  Both bearing German assay marks 50 70
440 Six Kings pattern silver handled items comprising a bread knife, a pie slice, a cheese knife, a grapefruit knife, a pickle fork and a butter knife, all bearing Sheffield hallmarks of various dates 75 95
441 A pair of sterling silver handled wooden salad servers 30 50
442 A pair of 3” tall silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1973, and a decorative pair of sterling silver butter knives 55 75
443 A Georgian Scottish long handled ladle, Glasgow 1820 50 70
444 A pair of sterling salt and pepper shakers, a napkin ring with pierced decoration and an Arts and Crafts jam spoon 35 55
445 A Royal Worcester twin-handled blush ivory and gilt vase of ovoid form decorated with floral sprays, restored, 43cm h 40 60
446 A three row simulated coral necklace, the mottled dusky pink beads interspersed with gilt brass spacers, with gold plated clasp 20 40
447 A modern sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby yellow metal floral spray brooch, the fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds combined weight approximately 0.22 carats, unmarked, 5.75cm long, 6.8g gross 50 100
448 A silver leaf-shaped strainer, Birmingham 1910, a silver plated pierced sugar cube holder raised on four feet and a hand held long handled early 20th century suit brush (3 items) 15 20
449 LOT 449 IS A NO LOT 0 0
450 A large pottery jug in the style of Charlotte Rhead with yellow ground and decorated in underglaze and over glaze with trailing orange, blue, brown and yellow flowers, numbered ’12.L’ to base, 27.5cm high 70 100
451 A large Schneider orange crackle glass vase of ovoid form with flared rim, with acid etched factory mark to the lower body, 26cm high 100 150
452 An early Royal Doulton figure ‘Darling’ HN1319 inscribed ‘Potted by Doulton & Co’ to base, together with a Doulton figure ‘A Victorian Lady’ (2 items) 15 20
453 A pair of James MacIntyre and Co Moorcroft Florian ware vases, of onion shaped form, tube lined with iris’s within scrolling leaves, brown factory marks to base, 25cm high. 350 450
454 A large collection of 19th century and later British coinage 30 40
455 A Victorian gold and half pearl ring, the split shoulders intricately chased with reeded shank, resized and at fault, boxed 40 60
456 Two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures ‘Hunca Munca’ and ‘Tabitha Twitchett’ 10 20
457 A 1994 Dubai Duty Free classic match schedule signed by Jimmy White, Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Steve Davis 30 40
458 A small collection of costume jewellery housed in a jewellery chest 10 15
459 A quantity of assorted costume jewellery necklaces, a miniature carved bone pin cushion, plus ladies white leather and cotton gloves (1 box) 10 20
460 Miscellaneous costume jewellery to include bangles, rings, necklaces etc (1 box) 15 20
461 Assorted costume jewellery to include necklaces, bangles, hair clips etc (1 box) 15 20
462 A jewellery box containing an assortment of modern costume jewellery 15 20
463 A collection of assorted costume jewellery to include earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets etc (1 box) 15 20
464 Two autograph albums together with a finely bound scrap book 20 40
465 A 17th/18th century cobalt blue glass flask, possibly for containing gunpowder 30 40
466 An early boxed set of Oriental ink stones 20 30
467 A pair of early 20th century Oriental silk panels 20 30
468 Two full sheets of German stamps bearing the head of Adolf Hitler. 20 30
469 A pair of vintage motoring glasses and case, early 20th century beadwork, a pair of half-moon spectacles, fans and other miscellaneous items 20 40
470 An Oskar Emil wrist watch, boxed 15 20
471 A good collection of assorted costume jewellery to include necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc 20 30
472 A silver engine turned cigarette case, a pair of silver salad servers with cut glass handles together with six Continental 800 silver cake forks 30 50
473 A ‘World Cruise of the British Special Service Squadron 1923 – 1924 album depicting photographic prints of the tour to include China, Mombasa, Sierra Leone, plus military interest 20 40
474 A good collection of assorted fountain pens and others to include an M R and Co ‘Clipper’, an Onoto ‘The Pen’, a Queensway, a Mabie Todd & Co ‘Swan’, a Parker ‘Victory’ plus others 40 60
475 Two albums of assorted stamps of the world, together with ‘The Administrative History of 21 Army Group 6 June 1944 – 8 May 1945 15 20
476 A pair of silver rimmed cut glass salts and spoon together with a silver floral pierced dish 15 20
477 Two early 20th century Tartanware boxes, the lids decorated with floral sprays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mottos 20 30
478 A silver coloured metal and shell bracelet 10 15
479 An early 20th century 18 carat gold diamond five-stone ring, 3.6g 70 100
480 A 15 carat gold stick pin set with diamond chip, boxed 15 20
481 A Georgian cameo ring, the porcelain oval central cameo with blue enamel surround set within a closed back gold mount and shank 40 60
482 A 1930’s Sabino moulded blue frosted glass bird mascot mounted on a polished slate ashtray 50 70
483 A book and signed letters relating to Edwina Mountbatten 50 60
484 Six Royal Mint London 2012 sport collection silver 50 pence coins, sealed with boxes and certificates together with the Official Queens Diamond Jubilee UK £5 commemorative coin sealed in package 15 20
485 A silver gilt spoon designed by Leslie Durbin, with a gilt rams head finial, straight shaft and deep bowl, complete with detailed certificate for ‘The Clothworkers Company’ 60 80
486 Two pierced silver footed bowls, a silver topped toothbrush holder, two silver topped glass jars and a pair of silver handled glove stretchers 40 60
487 A modern Moorcroft ‘Anna Lily’ vase of ovoid form dated 2009. 18cm H 100 150
488 A Cartier bedside clock of oval form with burgundy frame and enamel dial inscribed Cartier Paris with Roman numerals, the gilt brass back with folding stand No 751904761 80 100
489 A silver caddy spoon in the form of a hand, a cased set of silver handled cake knives, together with a silver napkin ring 30 40
490 A silver pocket watch, together with another pocket watch 40 60
491 A late 20th century bronze lion, signed Pollani and dated 1976 40 60
492 A silver backed dressing table mirror 20 30
493 Nine fountain pens to include three Waterman’s, a Conway Stewart, a Swan with 14ct gold nib and two pencils 50 70
494 Victorinox Swiss Army watch, Seiko digital chronograph, Avia wrist watch and Rotary box 30 50
495 A quantity of coins, compacts, hatpins, ivory glove stretchers etc 30 40
496 A tortoiseshell box, a snuff box, a papier maché spectacles case and a tortoiseshell and silver brush etc 30 50
497 A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a seated bear and a Beswick Beatrice Potter figure ‘The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, Knitting’ 15 25
498 A 19th century horned match holder and vesta carved with a wolf amongst trees, with copper mounts 50 70
499 A 19th century bronze hound 30 50
500 A novelty silver plated vesta in the form of a pig, inscribed ‘Little Wadhurst Farm’ together with an Oriental matchbox holder decorated with cranes 50 70
501 Assorted beads to include amber examples 40 60
502 Two Victorian brooches 30 50
503 Silver items to include a butterfly brooch 20 40
504 A Royal Crown Derby porcelain imari badger 15 20
505 A Royal Doulton porcelain figure of a grey sow 25 30
506 Two hand decorated lacquered Russian boxes 20 30
507 A diamond single stone ring in cross over setting, approximately 1ct, boxed 200 300
508 A Continental 14 carat white gold diamond set ladies cocktail watch, boxed 60 80
509 An Art Deco diamond and sapphire heart bar brooch, boxed 40 60
510 A diamond set bar brooch and an early 20th century American bracelet 40 60
511 Four pieces of Royal Crown Derby comprised of a bird, a cat, a duck and a teddy bear 50 70
512 A collection of 20th century powder compacts 20 30
513 Assorted mainly silver jewellery including a skirt lifter, a hinged bangle, hat pins etc 40 60
514 Assorted miscellaneous jewellery and other items including Victorian and later brooches, a small pipe, lace bobbin etc 40 60
515 Gold plated items including Victorian rolled gold and later jewellery, and a paste set ring 30 40
516 Assorted treen items including pipes, carved coquilla nuts, a gavel and other items 60 80
517 Assorted gold jewellery items including a moonstone set ring, brooches, etc 50 70
518 Assorted silver jewellery housed in a mauchline ware box 70 100
519 Assorted silver jewellery 100 120
520 A quantity of costume jewellery housed in a biscuit tin 30 50
521 An autograph book containing signatures from Patrick McKewan, Phil Silvers, Peter Butterworth and Jim Dale 15 20
522 A small silver pepperette, a silver napkin ring and other silver items plus other silver plated items 40 60
523 A cased gold plated Dupont lighter, boxed 15 25
524 Assorted S E Asian salad servers and other silver coloured metal items 40 60
525 A late 19th century silver coloured metal paper clip of scrolling form mounted on a heart shaped tortoiseshell base, together with two carvacraft Art Deco amber coloured marbled resin inkwells 40 60
526 LOTS 526 – 537 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
538 A mid-20th century oak dressing table with inverted bow front and gadroon carved edge over a curtained front enclosing shelves 10 20
539 A yew wood cross banded coffee table 10 20
540 A small painted pine military chest 15 20
541 A vintage wooden bound steamer trunk together with a pair of 19th century brass fire dogs 10 20
542 A 20th century hand built oak child’s garden picnic bench 30 40
543 An early 20th century student’s bureau with shelves beneath 10 20
544 A set of adjustable pine wall shelves, measuring 6ft x 9ft 10 20
544A A modern beech extending dining table 10 20
545 An Edwardian oval mirror together with a pine stool 10 20
546 A painted pine bathroom wall cabinet with central mirror flanked by a pair of cupboards over two short drawers 15 20
547 A 20th century oak headboard 10 15
548 A vintage Rotoscillo sewing machine 10 20
549 An oak tea trolley 10 15
550 A rattan three shelf corner unit together with two rattan side tables 10 20
551 A pair of beech wheel back kitchen chairs. 10 15
552 An oak headboard with barley twist supports 20 30
553 An ABU ‘Svangsta’ beach casting fishing rod, three other sea fishing rods, a holdall and a tackle box containing lead weights 10 20
554 A set of four Habitat design dining chairs with padded seats 10 20
555 Set of Ping 1,3 & 5 woods, together with a Ping titanium driver 30 50
556 An early 19th century pierced iron fender, a vintage sewing machine, together with three pairs of ornate metal candlesticks 10 20
557 A large hessian bound moon flask together with a collection of wicker baskets 10 20
558 A box of assorted board games plus other items 10 20
559 A Victorian walnut commode chair with cane back and seat, scrolling arms and shaped apron raised on turned supports 10 20
560 A set of Howson Hippo XT-Tour golf irons together with putter and 1 & 3 woods 30 50
561 A set of six oak Art Nouveau dining chairs with floral pierced splats and padded seats raised on pole supports 10 20
562 A box of assorted tools 10 20
563 A collection of assorted tools and brass door furniture to include a 15 volt cordless drill, untested and sold as spares 10 20
563A Assorted ceramics and glassware including a pair of Royal Worcester egg coddlers, a Victorian stoneware jar with impressed retailers stamp, a green glass Art Deco dressing table set and other items (3 boxes) 15 20
564 A new golf carry bag, rucksack, camera bag etc 10 20
565 A vintage folding camp bed and chair 15 20
566 Miscellaneous items to include a galvanised watering can, leather horse harness, scales, cobblers last, etc 15 20
567 Miscellaneous items, to include enamel kitchen scales and weights, vintage oil cans, a copper wash dolly etc (1 box) 15 20
568 Vintage tools, to include saws, hammers, pliers etc (2 boxes) 15 20
568A A quantity of metal and miscellaneous items including a brass chestnut roaster, cutlery and a set of wooden draughts, crumb tray and brush and wooden optical toy and others (2 boxes) 10 15
569 A 1950’s metal meat safe, together with a Valor paraffin heater 10 20
570 An adjustable surveyor’s drawing table together with assorted squares and rules 20 40
571 A large early 20th century copper street lantern with scrolling wrought iron wall bracket 60 100
572 Two metal bound pine chests 20 30
573 A large collection of assorted garden tools to include forks, spades, hoes, rakes, copper and brass insect sprayers etc 20 30
574 Two leather and mahogany shooting sticks together with a collection of vintage golf clubs 20 30
575 A ‘Canberra’ Oak living room suite comprised of display cabinet, tv cabinet, chest and two side tables 20 30
576 A modern aluminium and chrome glass top desk 10 20
577 A terracotta square waisted plinth together with a garden urn decorated with classical maidens 20 30
578 A reconstituted stone bird bath decorated with grapes and vines 60 80
579 A late 19th century marble urn of ovoid form 30 40
580 A rustic wicker garden chair with hinged back and footstool 10 15
581 A small rectangular Lloyd Loom linen basket and a 1930’s bedside cabinet (2 items) 10 15
582 A white painted early 20th century hall stand, together with a 1940’s light oak bedside cupboard 10 15
583 A mahogany astragal glazed two door bookcase (originally the top section of a bookcase cabinet) 20 30
584 Two lathe back kitchen chairs and a child’s wicker armchair (3 items) 15 20
585 A brass three tier floor standing plate rack, a bamboo framed wall mirror and a novelty plant pot in the form of a bucket (3 items) 20 30
586 An oak two tier tea trolley 10 15
587 A Victorian glazed bookcase top 15 20
588 A three drawer pedestal bedside unit 10 15
589 An oak drinks cabinet 10 20
590 A 1950’s/60’s formica and chrome drawer leaf kitchen table 40 60
591 A vintage white painted wrought iron circular garden table and four matching chairs 150 170
592 A 1950’s/60’s light oak drawer leaf table 20 30
593 A Marcelle Brauer style leather and chrome arm chair with a glass and chrome table 30 40
594 An early 20th century students fall front bureau with cupboards beneath 20 30
595 Two Schweppes advertising crates and another wooden crate inscribed ‘P N Watts’ 20 40
596 A pair of reclaimed pine benches 100 120
597 Three 20th century reconstituted stone square section planters 20 30
598 A 1970s teak octagonal tiled top coffee table signed Asti 20 30
599 A mid 20th century oak two drawer chest with lion mask handles 15 20
600 An oak Dutch dresser, the domed top over a two drawer cupboard base 20 30
601 A set of four beech lathe back dining chairs plus two others 10 20
602 A painted nest of G-plan style tables 10 20
603 A Lloyd Loom armchair 10 20
604 A 20th century wrought iron coffee table with bevelled glass top decorated with butterflies and leaves 20 30
605 Four various bedroom and rush seated chairs and a stick back chair (5 items) 15 25
606 An oak tub-shaped chair and a bobbin turned Prie Dieu chair 10 20
607 A mahogany quarteto nest of four tables 10 20
608 An oak two tier trolley 10 20
609 A mahogany nest of four tables 10 20
610 A pair of Georgian iron and brass claw and ball fire dogs together with an early 19th century pierced brass fender 30 50
611 An enamel bread bin and a smaller similar flour bin, a tambourine, a child’s push along stuffed toy and an iron bound carved wooden box 15 25
612 Brass lighting including electroliers, table lamp – untested and sold as spares, and a bed pan and other metalware (1 box) 25 35
613 A 20th century grandmother clock (at fault) 15 20
614 A reconstituted stone figure of an owl and a painted reconstituted stone figure of a golly 10 15
615 A square section reconstituted stone planter on a pedestal base 30 50
616 A pair of black painted wrought iron driveway gates 260cm w x 86.5cm h 10 20
617 A John Deere seed spreader 10 20
618 A collection of assorted garden tools plus a step ladder 20 40
619 Two terracotta planters together with two stone planters 20 30
620 A pair of stone planters 15 20
621 A reconstituted stone birdbath 20 30
622 Three reconstituted stone pedestal planters 30 40
623 Two reconstituted stone octagonal planters 30 40
624 Reconstituted stone items including a planter on feet, a small birdbath and a Westie terrier 20 40
624A A circular reconstituted stone table on three ornate pedestal supports 30 50
625 LOTS 625 – 634 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
635 A red ground woollen rug 20 30
636 A large 20th century blue ground carpet with Greek key border 15 20
637 A hand knotted brown ground Persian woollen rug, worn 15 20
638 A small pink ground Chinese floral carpet 184cm x 90cm 10 20
639 An early 20th century leopard skin with later felt backing 60 100
640 A pair of Shiraz style red ground silk rugs 20 30
640A A small long pile Turkoman style rug 147cm x 95cm 10 20
641 A cream ground Kurdish runner 423cm x 80cm 20 30
642 An early 20th century Dutch brass eight-light electrolier of bulbous form, with eagle surmount 80 120
643 An early 20th century python skin 30 50
644 A vintage split cane fly fishing rod ‘The Flash’ together with a bamboo fly fishing rod 30 40
645 An early 20th century large Boa Constrictor skin 50 100
646 A collection of assorted 19th century engraving and watercolours 15 20
647 A black painted iron circular 6-light hanging ceiling light – Untested and sold as spares 10 15
648 A 1930’s walnut framed swivel office chair with serpentine back, scrolling arms, overstuffed seat and adjustable swivel base 50 100
649 A set of four 19th century fruitwood rush-seated chairs 30 40
650 An Edwardian upholstered library chair with turned arms and supports and wooden castors 20 30
651 An Edwardian mahogany floral carved bedroom chair with velvet padded seat and raised on ring turned supports 10 20
652 An early 20th century wing back armchair upholstered in a floral tapestry style fabric 10 20
653 A late 19th/early 20th century floral upholstered tub shaped chair, raised on mahogany turned supports 20 30
654 An early 20th century wing back armchair on bun feet and metal castors 10 20
655 An early walnut framed button back arm chair with scrolling arms and serpentine seat raised on squat cabriole supports and castors 20 30
656 An Edwardian mahogany nursing chair with buttoned padded back over stuffed serpentine seat and ring turned supports 10 20
657 A Victorian tub-shaped armchair upholstered in red fabric 15 20
658 A late 19th century elm corner chair, the bowed scrolling top rail and lyre shaped splats above a leather padded seat raised on square supports 40 60
659 A pair of Edwardian mahogany side chairs with vase carved splats over padded seats and ring turned supports together with two others 10 15
660 A low upholstered Prie Dieu chair 10 15
661 A green upholstered button back bedroom chair on cabriole supports 10 20
662 A green upholstered corner sofa 20 30
663 An Edwardian walnut cross banded and inlaid double wardrobe with bevel mirrored doors and chest base 60 100
664 An 18th century oak dresser, the two shelf rack with moulded cornice, plain frieze and shaped supports, the base with rectangular moulded top and pigeon holed back, over six cockbeeded drawers each with brass swing handles and shaped back plates, the arched apron above an eleven planked under-tier and turned supports, raised on block feet, 180cm h x136cm w x 45cm d 700 800
665 A Chinese hardwood opium table 50 70
666 A 20th century oak court cupboard 40 60
667 An Edwardian walnut bookcase, the top section fitted with a pair of glazed doors enclosing three adjustable shelves, the base housing two short drawers above a pair of panelled cupboard doors raised on a plinth base 60 10
668 A 19th century mahogany folding card table with circular green baize insert, raised on turned barley twist supports 30 40
669 An early 20th century pine two door cupboard enclosing a series of shelves raised on a plinth base 80 120
670 A 19th century crossbanded and line inlaid mahogany purdonium fitted with brass swing handles on square tapering supports and castors 10 20
671 An early 20th century oak sideboard with back rail 50 70
672 A 19th century painted pine wardrobe, the shaped pediment with plain frieze over a single mirrored door flanked by urn decorated panels above a single long drawer raised on a plinth base 10 20
673 A South East Asian teak wedding chest with hinged top revealing two candle boxes, the front carved and hand painted with flowers, leaves and emblems, raised on four wooden wheels 100 150
673A A Victorian oval walnut games table with chess board top raised on turned supports and acanthus carved outswept feet 20 30
674 An early 20th century Indian floral carved four-fold screen 40 60
675 A small oak pedal organ 10 20
676 An Oriental style hard wood mirror back stand inlaid with figures, birds, pagodas and butterflies 30 40
677 A late 18th century mahogany military campaign press cupboard 400 600
678 A 19th century oak iron bound silver chest 60 100
678A An early 20th century walnut bureau chest on stand, with moulded top over two short and two long geometrically inlaid drawers with central pull down writing desk enclosing drawers and pigeon holes, raised on barley twist supports and x-shaped stretcher 15 20
679 A mid-20th century leather camel saddle seat 25 30
680 A 20th century nest of three mahogany tables 10 20
681 A 19th century oak milking stool with floral carved top raised on turned supports 30 50
682 An aesthetic movement walnut occasional table, the square moulded top over a galleried fretwork under tier raised on tapering pierced square supports 10 20
683 A 20th century mahogany collector’s table, with glazed hinged top and green baize interior and undertier, raised on square chamfered supports 30 50
684 A modern faux marble glass top coffee table 10 20
684A A 20th century bamboo three-fold screen 10 20
685 An oak pedestal table together with six chairs 30 50
686 A 20th century painted pine chest of six short drawers 40 60
687 A 19th century elm ladder back chair 10 20
688 A late 19th, early 20th century mahogany work table, the drop flap top over a pair of short drawers and slide opposing a single cupboard raised on turned reeded supports 80 120
689 A Victorian mahogany wind out dining table on cabriole supports 10 20
690 A pair of early 20th century painted side chairs 10 20
691 A Victorian mahogany rectangular tilt top table raised on turned column support with three outswept feet 60 80
692 A small oak bedside table housing single drawer 10 15
693 An oak three panel coffer 80 120
694 A set of four mahogany George III style dining chairs with drop in seat 20 30
695 A French 19th century walnut marble topped bedside pedestal housing 3 drawers and a cupboard 40 60
696 An Edwardian walnut line inlaid mirror back dressing chest of two short over two long drawers 20 30
697 A modern mahogany wine table 10 20
698 A Victorian mahogany D-shaped side table with inlaid frieze, raised on square chamfered supports, 72cm h x 123cm w x 60cm d 10 20
699 Two children’s kitchen chairs 15 20
700 An early 20th century walnut dining table raised on double turned tapering reeded supports 10 20
701 A pine bedside cabinet 20 30
702 An oval walnut coffee table on carved cabriole supports with carved detail to the rim 10 20
703 A pair of mid 20th century elm ladder back chairs together with another similar, each with rush upholstered seat 20 30
704 A small pine wash stand with wash jug and bowl (at fault) 30 40
705 A reclaimed pine glazed two door bookcase with drawer beneath 30 40
706 An Art Deco glazed display cabinet 10 15
707 A large 1930’s glazed display cabinet 10 15
708 A modern cream painted pine dresser 40 60
709 An unusual Edwardian chequer-strung display cabinet with inverted bow front central section 50 70
710 A Victorian pine chest of two short over three long graduated drawers raised on bracket feet 100 120
711 An early 19th century oak joynt stool with floral carved apron, raised on turned supports 40 60
712 A 20th century mirrored side table with bevel edged plate fitted with two short drawers 15 20
713 An Edwardian walnut smoker’s cabinet, the interior fitted with pipe rack, mixing compartment, shelf and pigeon hole, raised on bobbin turned supports 30 50
714 A Regency style mahogany pot cupboard, the canted top over an arcaded frieze with single door raised on squat cabriole supports 20 30
715 A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany piano stool with hinged seat over acanthus carved cabriole supports 10 20
716 A 20th century carved oak court cupboard, the arcaded carved top over a pair of lead lit glazed doors above two short drawers and a pair of cupboard doors raised on bracket feet 30 40
717 A Nathan style nest of three tables 10 15
718 An Edwardian square section line inlaid two tier table bookshelf on castors 40 60
719 A modern white painted coffee table 10 15
720 A 20th century reclaimed pine dresser base fitted with three panel doors and turned bun handles raised on bracket feet 150 250
721 A small mahogany chest of five drawers with magazine racks to the sides 15 20
722 Two beech kitchen chairs 15 25
723 A Victorian oak medicine cabinet 20 30
724 An Edwardian walnut pot cupboard, the door carved with stylized flower and stems, with brass ring drop handle 20 40
725 A white two drawer pedestal unit 10 15
726 A large 20th century light oak oval gate leg dining table 20 30
727 A 1930s/40s painted oak chest of two graduated drawers raised on square supports 20 30
728 Four mid 20th century dining chairs with leatherette seats and backs 20 30
729 A Victorian oak breakfront credenza, the central glazed door flanked by two bow front doors enclosing shelves with mirror back, raised on a plinth 150 250
730 A circular oak occasional table, the leather top tooled with various flowers and raised on four outswept feet 20 30
731 A 19th century elm corner chair with scrolling bow shaped top rail over pierced splats and three plank seat raised on square supports 50 70
732 A 20th century stained oak rustic style bench 20 30
733 A pine two door cupboard with drawer above 40 60
734 An Edwardian walnut line inlaid and crossbanded two drawer chest raised on square tapering supports and castors 15 20
735 A large Victorian pine chest fitted with two short over three long graduated drawers with turned bun handles, raised on a plinth base 80 120
736 A small walnut chest of five drawers with magazine racks to side 15 20
737 An early 20th century oak chest of two short over three long graduated drawers with iron drop ring handles raised on square supports 50 60
738 A mid 20th century light oak single pedestal desk fitted with slide and three short drawers, raised on square supports 40 60
739 An oak butler’s tray with brass hinges to the oval sides, on stand 150 250
740 A white painted chest of two short over three long drawers raised on bracket feet 40 60
741 A small Victorian pine chest of three graduated drawers 30 40
742 A 19th century walnut pier cabinet with line inlay and brass mounts 100 150
743 An early 19th century mahogany chest of two short over four long cockbeaded drawers with brass swing handles 40 60
744 A 19th century mahogany glazed cabinet on stand 150 250
745 An Oriental style hardwood shelving unit fitted with three short drawers above a cupboard base with brass butterfly lock and hinges 20 50
746 A late 19th/early 20th century oak dressing mirror with single drawer 20 30
747 A modern pine three shelf bookcase raised on bracket feet 30 50
748 A late 18th century elm rustic bench 40 60
749 A 20th century pyramid shaped chest of six graduated drawers carved with tribal figures 15 20
750 An early 20th century large stained oak glazed taxidermy case of rectangular form with top opening door 40 60
751 An oak oval drop leaf gate leg table 10 20
752 A 20th century oak sideboard fitted with three central drawers flanked by two cupboard doors 20 30
753 An early 19th century side table with later mahogany top, housing single drawer 25 35
754 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short over three long graduated drawers with turned bun handles 50 100
755 A white painted meat safe 15 25
756 A mahogany bow front Victorian chest of two short and three long drawers with ivory escutcheons 80 100
757 A 1950’s formica and polished steel drawer leaf table, together with three matching chairs and two stools 200 250
758 An Edwardian mahogany desk, the top fitted with a pair of small drawers and central shelf over two short and one long drawer, raised on twin three drawer pedestals 150 200
759 A mid 20th century oak narrow chest of 6 graduated drawers 50 60
760 A small mahogany Sutherland table 25 35
761 An unusual French oak corner log box, made from church pews 100 150
762 A 20th century reclaimed pine kitchen table fitted two short drawers raised on square tapering supports 60 80
763 A Victorian circular mahogany table, reduced 20 30
764 An early 20th century reclaimed pine chest with rope handles 50 70
765 A small oak hall bench with box seat and stick/umbrella holders to the sides 30 40
766 A Chinese carved rosewood opium table 150 250
767 A 19th century mahogany drop leaf table 10 20
768 A set of four Art Nouveau bedroom chairs 10 20
769 An oak drop leaf oval gate leg dining table 20 30
770 A light wood Oriental side table housing two drawers 30 50
771 A 20th century walnut three seater scrolled arm sofa with stitched leather upholstery 100 120
772 A 19th century mahogany dresser back with moulded cornice and shaped apron over a four shelf rack 20 30
773 An early 1930’s oak bedroom suite comprised of a double bed, pot cupboard, dressing chest, chest of drawers and a double wardrobe 100 150
774 A Coalbrookdale tripod base mounted with an oval marble and hardstone specimen top, stamped C B Dale Co. 400 600
775 A Victorian flame figured mahogany dresser, the top fitted with three shaped shelves over four small drawers, flanked by a pair of cupboard doors, the base fitted with two long drawers above a central arched cupboard and four short drawers, on plinth base 100 150
776 A 20th century Kenric & Efferson light oak bookcase, the glazed top enclosing two adjustable shelves above a pair of panelled cupboard doors 100 120
777 An early 20th century oak dresser, the top with a two shelf rack and shaped supports over a single long drawer and a pair of cupboard doors raised on turned supports 40 60
778 An early 19th century mahogany corner cupboard, the moulded cornice and arcaded frieze above a pair of panelled doors enclosing three shaped shelves over a single panelled door and raised on a plinth base 20 40
779 A Victorian satinwood double mirror door wardrobe 50 70
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