Boxes – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
217 A Garrard & Co leather presentation box, a Cartier and a Rolex box 30 40
220 A late 19th century rosewood and ivory bound glove box 20 30
292 A 19th century rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid jewellery box containing various vintage medical supplies 10 20
295 An early 19th century oak box, the lid carved with entwined creatures above floral carved panels 20 30
352 A Victorian mahogany writing box 20 30
462 A jewellery box containing an assortment of modern costume jewellery 15 20
477 Two early 20th century Tartanware boxes, the lids decorated with floral sprays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mottos 20 30
506 Two hand decorated lacquered Russian boxes 20 30
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