Ceramics – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
7 A Jasperware biscuit barrel and four other porcelain and ceramic biscuit barrels 20 40
11 A large quantity of Portmeirion ‘Botanical Garden’ pattern dinnerware, jars, etc (approx 70 items, 3 boxes) 100 150
12 Two mid-19th century blue and white willow pattern meat plates 30 40
15 A collection of assorted Poole pottery to include a Delphis dish, floral vase, blue polka dot bowl, a Guildford cathedral dish plus other items 40 60
21 A hand painted blue glazed Shelley vase, a Sylvac vase and other items (1 box) 30 40
23 A 1930s Royal Copenhagen handpainted porcelain tea set decorated with floral sprays 60 100
27 A collection of assorted mixed ceramics to include Price Kensington cottage ware biscuit barrel, butter and cheese dishes, Carlton ware cruets and leaf dishes, a Sylvac vase and other items 40 50
40 An Art Deco Wheldon Ware dinner service, in ‘Pelham’ design by F Winkle and Co Ltd (2 boxes) 50 70
48 A Victorian blue and white part dinner service to include graduated meat plates, tureens etc, a Staffordshire greyhound, Victorian tea cups and saucers plus other ceramics (2 boxes) 20 30
55 Assorted 20th century Oriental figures to include deities, musicians, fishermen and a Tang horse, plus other figures 10 20
56 Assorted Victorian and later ceramics to include a pair of floral decorated Crown Devon vases and jardiniere, meat plates, La Rosa ware vases, figures etc (1 box) 20 30
59 An Art Deco pottery part dinner service, some pieces with Wilkinsons factory mark, hand painted with autumnal leaves in the manner of Clarice Cliff 50 80
61 A selection of Aynsley Pembroke and other Aynsley china 20 30
65 A quantity of Devon pottery including Torquay examples and other pottery (1 box) 25 35
68 A Royal Worcester Hop Mathon pattern part dinner service to include two handled soup bowls, meat plate, dinner plates, side plates etc 20 30
69 A good collection of Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates dating from the early 1980s, some with boxes and certificates (2 boxes) 40 60
73 A German green glazed ‘Keramik’ pottery vase, an Austrian pottery vase with incised decoration and other ceramics (1 box) 30 40
77 Assorted crested china, to include Willow, Aradian, Gemma, Goss etc (1 box) 20 40
78 A collection of Victorian and later ceramics to include a Theodore Haviland cornflower pattern tea set, an over sized floral decorated tea cup and saucer, Spode Italian patterned plates and other items 20 30
80 A Poole pottery twin tone tea set to include teapots, butter dish, cruets, cups, saucers, egg cups etc (2 boxes) 20 30
84 Seven 19th century and later hand painted porcelain cabinet plates 30 50
85 A Burleigh ware 1930’s Art Deco painted and hand painted part dinner service and a Midwinter part dinner services (2 boxes) 40 60
91 A quantity of 19th century and later blue and white willow pattern ceramics, mainly dinnerware, including Spode, assorted Royal Doulton ‘Norfolk’ pattern tea and dinnerware and other items (3 boxes) 40 60
95 A quantity of Victorian ceramics including lustreware, harvest ware jugs, green glazed pottery leaf plates, jelly moulds, hand painted porcelain vases and other items (2 boxes) 25 35
111 A Spode presentation ‘Millennium’ porcelain bowl, a Royal Doulton Series ware plate and bowl, T G Green Cornish ware, Royal Copenhagen plates, a child’s pottery tea set transfer decorated with nursery rhyme scenes and other items (3 boxes) 30 40
123 A Maling lustreware bowl with green glaze, a Burleigh ware bowl signed ‘Rhead’, a Maling lustreware vase, two Royal Crown Derby coffee cups and saucers and two millefiori glass paperweights (1 box) 50 70
124 Miscellaneous Victorian and later ceramics, to include Delft and collectors’ plates, a Royal Doulton Norfolk pattern part tea set, a J Woodstock and Co Hastings stoneware bottle plus other items 20 40
135 A collection of Victorian and later commemorative cups, saucers and mugs, Toby jugs and other ceramics (2 boxes) 15 25
143 Miscellaneous ceramics, to include Royal Crown Derby coffee cups and saucers, an Imari pattern Derby tea cup and saucer, a Royal Crown Derby wren paperweight with gold stopper, a Limoges tea set plus other ceramics 60 80
147 A collection of Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ ornaments to include two lidded pots, a vase, a tray, dishes, shoe, an Indian tree jug, an Oriental vase and a floral rose bowl 20 30
153 Miscellaneous ceramics to include Wedgwood Jasperware, trinket box, dishes, vase and plate, Poole pottery coffee set, a Coalport silver plate cake slice, Worcester ramekins boxed, plus other items (1 box) 30 40
157 A Taylor & Kent Art Deco floral decorated part tea set, a Royal Doulton ‘Larchmont’ patterned tea set together with two floral patterned part tea sets (2 boxes) 20 40
165 A Grindley fruit decorated tea set, blue and white jugs, Poole twin tone plates, a black Wedgwood Jasperware ash tray plus other ceramics (2 boxes) 20 30
168 Various tea ware to include an egg shell porcelain part tea set, a Mintons trio and other tea ware (2 boxes) 20 30
188 Assorted ceramics to include a large Portmerion Narcissus watering can, Staffordshire style Dalmations, Capodimonte orchid, Oriental dishes, collectors plates, Royal Worcester and Limoges boxes, and other items (2 boxes) 20 40
191 Assorted ceramics to include a Prinknash tankard and jug, a Victorian hunting jug, a drizzle glazed studio pottery vase, a carved soapstone box and other items 20 30
193 A Royal Doulton ‘Larchmont’ pattern porcelain dinner and tea service 20 30
195 A collection of ceramics to include Aynsley ‘Cottage Garden’ vase, oriental bowls and vases, a Delft table lamp, a Queen Mother commemorative mug plus other items 30 40
197 A quantity of assorted eggshell porcelain and a Continental porcelain tea set 15 25
198 Assorted ornaments including a bisque porcelain set of horse figures, Mdina glass birds and other items 20 30
206 Miscellaneous ceramics to include vases, tureens, planter etc (2 boxes) 10 20
209 A Royal Albert ‘Memory Lane’ tea set and a papier maché Kashmiri bowl 15 20
213 A large Zodiac signs decorated flowerpot, Portmeirion mugs, jelly moulds etc 20 30
229 A 1960s experimental Poole Pottery vase (at fault) 30 40
230 A pair of large late 19th century Continental porcelain black ground two-handled vases decorated with printed and painted panels of children 30 50
231 A Masons Ironstone aesthetic cobalt blue ground and gilt decorated two handled lidded vase 60 80
238 A Royal Doulton series ware twin handled vase, a floral decorated Charlotte Rhead jug, a poppy decorated Radford vase  and a Grays pottery hand painted jug 50 70
240 An Italian porcelain jardiniere in the form of a cherub 15 20
241 A Doulton Lambeth blue glazed floral decorated jug 50 70
242 A mottled green Swedish Gustrvberg Argenta bowl inlaid with silver fish, numbered 1035 250 300
243 A Moorcroft pottery vase in blue and green colours, signed at base 50 100
248 A Royal Doulton ‘Neptune’ character jug 30 50
250 Two Royal Doulton character jugs ‘Sairey Gamp’ and ‘Scrooge’ 20 30
251 Three pieces of Brannam ware pottery 30 40
252 Eight assorted Goebel Hummell porcelain figures 60 80
256 A pair of Faience twin handled vases, together with a maiolica jardiniere stand 40 60
257 A quantity of ceramic animals and birds to include a Beswick Bambi, donkeys, USSR rabbits, Doulton terrier plus other examples (1 box) 20 30
258 A large Royal Doulton character jug ‘Tony Weller’ and a small Royal Doulton character jug ‘Mr Micawber’ 20 30
263 A 20th century amethyst vase with flared rim 150 200
265 Two large Vienna porcelain style wall plaques, signed Kaufmann 30 40
278 A pair of Continental circular bisque porcelain plaques entitled ‘Ernest’ 10 20
331 An Art Nouveau twin handled jardiniere decorated with roses and lily of the valley 10 20
445 A Royal Worcester twin-handled blush ivory and gilt vase of ovoid form decorated with floral sprays, restored, 43cm h 40 60
450 A large pottery jug in the style of Charlotte Rhead with yellow ground and decorated in underglaze and over glaze with trailing orange, blue, brown and yellow flowers, numbered ’12.L’ to base, 27.5cm high 70 100
451 A large Schneider orange crackle glass vase of ovoid form with flared rim, with acid etched factory mark to the lower body, 26cm high 100 150
452 An early Royal Doulton figure ‘Darling’ HN1319 inscribed ‘Potted by Doulton & Co’ to base, together with a Doulton figure ‘A Victorian Lady’ (2 items) 15 20
453 A pair of James MacIntyre and Co Moorcroft Florian ware vases, of onion shaped form, tube lined with iris’s within scrolling leaves, brown factory marks to base, 25cm high. 350 450
456 Two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures ‘Hunca Munca’ and ‘Tabitha Twitchett’ 10 20
487 A modern Moorcroft ‘Anna Lily’ vase of ovoid form dated 2009. 18cm H 100 150
497 A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a seated bear and a Beswick Beatrice Potter figure ‘The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, Knitting’ 15 25
504 A Royal Crown Derby porcelain imari badger 15 20
505 A Royal Doulton porcelain figure of a grey sow 25 30
511 Four pieces of Royal Crown Derby comprised of a bird, a cat, a duck and a teddy bear 50 70
298A A T G Green mixing bowl, three toby jugs etc 20 30
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