Miscellaneous – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
5 Two vintage bellows cameras, a Yvighander bellows camera, a Carl Zeiss Jena Turmon 8x angle lens, camera plates etc 20 40
10 A collection of assorted shells of the world, a fossilised marble amonite and a shark’s jaw bone with teeth (1 box) 40 60
22 A quantity of carved African heads, masks and other tribal items (1 box) 20 30
32 Miscellaneous fossils and specimens to include amethyst, quartz, fossilised sea urchins and coral, fossilised ferns and other items 30 50
37 Miscellaneous items to include two Tilley style lamps, bakelite flasks, an oak twin handled tray, brassware, amp meters etc (1 box) 15 25
44 A mid 20th century ‘Royal’ typewriter 10 20
88 Treen items, vintage tins, a small oil on panel of a sail ship and other miscellaneous items (1 box) 20 30
98 A model of a boat hull mounted on a wooden plaque,marked W M Gorton and Co 30 50
101 Two vintage bellows cameras and spare plates, together with three leather bound surveyors tape measures 30 50
105 Assorted vintage horse tack to include a leather and brass work horse harness, horse brass, a brass doorstop in the form of an knight and other items (1 box) 20 30
110 A large quantity of magic lantern slides 40 60
133 A vintage ‘The Service Blick’ cased typewriter 20 30
148 Miscellaneous items to include a gentleman’s Invicta wrist watch, pewter hip flask, two pairs of binoculars, a vintage ‘Vanguard’ stapler, a brass ship’s bell, a vintage umbrella plus other items (1 box) 30 50
155 A collection of early 20th century Masonic certificates relating to Grand Master John Robert Lauder 10 20
164 Miscellaneous items, to include a copper caddy, Arabic knife and scabbard, gilt brass and enamel candlesticks, pewter measures, an engraved glass tankard and other items (1 box) 20 30
167 Miscellaneous items to include a brass pestle and mortar, draughtsman’s instruments, carriage clocks, iron eagle on stand plus other items 20 40
171 A retro 1970’s plastic stacking picnic set and vintage cookery books 10 15
172 Miscellaneous items to include two early 20th century milk glass lamp shades decorated with roses, a Beswick ewer, silver plated items, a vintage child’s building block game plus other items (2 boxes) 10 20
176 A cased microscope, two clocks, a lacquered box, spinning bobbins, walking sticks and ski poles 30 50
178 Miscellaneous items to include an oak dinner gong in the form of a ship’s wheel, an oak cased canteen of cutlery, mixed deactivated WWII bullets, vintage coins, a Chinese tin plate duck and other items 30 50
179 Assorted ornaments including animal figures and an aneroid barometer, a pair of Cinque Ports pottery novelty salt and pepper pots in the form of monks, and other ceramics (2 boxes) 20 30
180 A quantity of gilt, brass and plaster decorative furniture mounts 25 35
196 A pair of carved African female bust bookends, a tribal carved wooden and metal mounted mask, a cast brass African female figurine and other items (1 box) 20 40
202 Miscellanoues items to include a Smiths mantle clock, silver plated wine pourer, pewter tankards and other items (1 box) 10 20
204 Assorted walking sticks including one example with a carved handle in the form of a dog’s head 20 40
207 A collection of carved wooden and soapstone animals, wooden boxes, kakuri knife plus other items 15 20
208 An oval silver plated bowl and a rectangular silver plated tray, a part fruit set with mother of pearl handles and assorted miscellaneous items including ceramics, a pair of brass candlesticks and a hat box 10 20
210 Miscellaneous items to include six pictorial German beer steins, a religious pierced bronze bell, floral paperweight with rose mark to bases plus other items (1 box) 20 40
212 Miscellaneous items, to include a Mexican pewter meat dish, a decanter, candlesticks, a floral tea set etc 15 20
222 An early railway warning light with red lens and porcelain burner 30 40
246 A bottle of Taylor’s 1967 vintage port and a bottle of Niepoort 1990 vintage port 30 40
254 LOT 254 IS A NO LOT 0 0
264 A late Victorian papier maché two section tea caddy, with ivory lined interior 100 150
267 An early 20th century folding table tray, a Karmer Lane Co walnut and cane folding back rest with bone tablet label, and a brass and wire fire guard 15 20
272 Two early 20th century pine folding bed trays on turned supports 15 20
276 Assorted walking sticks, including an example with a compass set in the top 20 30
288 A vintage 8 string Marcelli Banjolin complete with case and key 40 60
300 A copper bed warming pan with turned handle 20 40
303 A vintage ‘Aero’ seed spreader 10 20
310 An Edwardian walnut coal box with ornate lion ring handle 10 20
316 An early 20th century taxidermy study of a fox with prey mounted on a burr walnut trunk 200 250
318 An early 20th century taxidermy study of a Badger head mounted on an oak shield-shaped plaque, inscribed ‘Essex Fox Hounds, Big Wood, Lambourne, 5th Sept 1924’.  The reverse with makers tablet inscribed ‘mounted by the Army & Navy Stores Naturalist Department’ 50 60
322 A taxidermy study of a mink 30 50
324 An early 20th century leather gun case, an iron and wooden yolk, plus two large leather belts 30 40
339 A cased half size violin and bow with makers label for Alban & Voight & Co 10 20
345 An illuminated advertising sign ‘Hassia, Sprudel’ 40 60
351 A sword fish bill 40 60
358 A small alligator skin and an iguana skin 30 40
360 A collection of assorted canes and crooks 10 20
362 LOTS 362 TO 369 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
449 LOT 449 IS A NO LOT 0 0
469 A pair of vintage motoring glasses and case, early 20th century beadwork, a pair of half-moon spectacles, fans and other miscellaneous items 20 40
495 A quantity of coins, compacts, hatpins, ivory glove stretchers etc 30 40
496 A tortoiseshell box, a snuff box, a papier maché spectacles case and a tortoiseshell and silver brush etc 30 50
498 A 19th century horned match holder and vesta carved with a wolf amongst trees, with copper mounts 50 70
512 A collection of 20th century powder compacts 20 30
516 Assorted treen items including pipes, carved coquilla nuts, a gavel and other items 60 80
523 A cased gold plated Dupont lighter, boxed 15 25
525 A late 19th century silver coloured metal paper clip of scrolling form mounted on a heart shaped tortoiseshell base, together with two carvacraft Art Deco amber coloured marbled resin inkwells 40 60
526 LOTS 526 – 537 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
557 A large hessian bound moon flask together with a collection of wicker baskets 10 20
562 A box of assorted tools 10 20
563 A collection of assorted tools and brass door furniture to include a 15 volt cordless drill, untested and sold as spares 10 20
566 Miscellaneous items to include a galvanised watering can, leather horse harness, scales, cobblers last, etc 15 20
568 Vintage tools, to include saws, hammers, pliers etc (2 boxes) 15 20
573 A large collection of assorted garden tools to include forks, spades, hoes, rakes, copper and brass insect sprayers etc 20 30
585 A brass three tier floor standing plate rack, a bamboo framed wall mirror and a novelty plant pot in the form of a bucket (3 items) 20 30
595 Two Schweppes advertising crates and another wooden crate inscribed ‘P N Watts’ 20 40
611 An enamel bread bin and a smaller similar flour bin, a tambourine, a child’s push along stuffed toy and an iron bound carved wooden box 15 25
617 A John Deere seed spreader 10 20
625 LOTS 625 – 634 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
639 An early 20th century leopard skin with later felt backing 60 100
643 An early 20th century python skin 30 50
645 An early 20th century large Boa Constrictor skin 50 100
675 A small oak pedal organ 10 20
289A A vintage Olympia ‘Splendid 66’ typewriter 10 20
568A A quantity of metal and miscellaneous items including a brass chestnut roaster, cutlery and a set of wooden draughts, crumb tray and brush and wooden optical toy and others (2 boxes) 10 15
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