Oriental – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
36 Assorted Chinese and Japanese ceramics and cloisonné items (1 box) 15 20
45 Two early 20th century Japanese colour prints, one depicting a river scene with figures wading and with trees to background, and the other of a male with three female followers, both signed with character marks 70 80
72 A quantity of Oriental ceramics and cloisonné items together with a dragon embossed metal frame 20 40
92 A pair of Chinese 20th century black lacquer panels decorated in relief with carved hardstone figural scenes 100 150
142 Miscellaneous items to include an Oriental carved hardwood figure, a grotesque bird carved bookend, pipes and racks, Oriental stands plus other items 20 30
173 A Chinese brass bowl signed with character marks, a brass inkwell in the form of a knight’s helmet and a pair of brass candlesticks 20 30
205 A 20th century Chinese famille vert porcelain umbrella stand 20 30
214 A Japanese copper brush pot decorated with Asiatic pheasants, a Japanese hardwood tray, a carved green hardstone bowl plus other Oriental items 30 40
219 A 20th century Japanese simulated wood lacquered papier maché box, the top decorated with birds, insects and blossoms 50 70
227 A late 19th, early 20th century Cantonese wine pot, together with an erotic porcelain snuff bottle 40 60
234 A 20th century Oriental vase of ovoid form decorated with females and blossoms, together with a German crystal vase decorated with birds 20 30
245 A pair of late 19th century Oriental Imari patterned vases of ovoid octagonal form 60 80
261 An Oriental bronze vase depicting birds and blossoms 30 50
306 A pair of modern 20th century Chinese porcelain vases, hand painted in enamels with butterflies and flowers and a matching bowl and charger, both  of which raised on a hand carved hardwood stand (4 items) 100 150
330 A pair of large Chinese ornate carved gilt statues in the form of an eagle resting on a tree looking down on a reclining figure, possibly originally designed as lamps 200 400
356 A pair of large Chinese modern 20th century porcelain lidded vases, decorated in enamels with floral and foliate designs 80 120
357 A 20th century Chinese porcelain charger decorated in enamels in the Imari palette, on hand carved hardwood stand 20 30
466 An early boxed set of Oriental ink stones 20 30
467 A pair of early 20th century Oriental silk panels 20 30
665 A Chinese hardwood opium table 50 70
770 A light wood Oriental side table housing two drawers 30 50
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