Silver – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
370 A Georgian ‘Fancy Back’ tablespoon by Thomas Wallis London 1773 40 60
371 A Georgian ‘Fancy Back’ tablespoon by Thomas Wallis, London 1774 40 60
372 A silver butter dish with formal pierced decoration with glass liner, Birmingham 1922 and an old English and shell pattern caddy spoon , Birmingham 1934 50 70
373 A Georgian Scottish fiddle pattern toddy ladle, Edinburgh 1815 45 65
374 An antique Dutch hallmarked silver serving slice with formal pierced and engraved decoration and wooden handle 40 60
375 A Continental silver backed dressing table set comprising hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush and comb 50 70
376 A Victorian silver mounted crocodile skin gentleman’s wallet, Birmingham 1897 30 50
377 A classic design silver sugar caster, Birmingham 1959, 6 3/4”,  4.5ozt 65 85
378 A pair of heavy gauge Georgian old English pattern sauce ladles by William Eley, William Fearn and William Channer, London 1812 90 110
379 A number of Victorian silver items: a sugar bowl with half fluted decoration, Birmingham 1866, a decorative circular trinket dish, London 1888, a long pickle fork Sheffield 1898 and a pearl handled butter knife, Birmingham 1864 65 85
380 An Art Deco jam spoon and butter knife contained in fitted case, Sheffield 1945, and a heavy gauge egg cup, Sheffield 1940 45 65
381 A circa 1760 Georgian silver punch ladle with whalebone handle 40 60
382 A rare Georgian Scottish ‘Provincial’ silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon by Alexander Cameron, hallmarked for Dundee 188 65 85
383 A small silver clock bearing Millennium assay marks of Sheffield 2000, an ingot key ring with 1977 Jubilee assay marks and a novelty ‘book’ bookmark stamped .925 45 65
384 A large pari of Kings pattern silver handled salad servers, Sheffield 1931 60 80
385 A set of three decorative silver decanter labels (Whisky, Brandy, Sherry) 55 75
386 A Georgian fiddle pattern sauce ladle by William Eley, London 1812 50 70
387 A classic design sauce boat, Sheffield 1933 3/5ozt, and a five bar toast rack, Sheffield 1939 2ozt. Both by Edward Viner 90 120
388 A pair of heavy guage Edwardian fiddle and thread pattern sauce ladles by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1905 6ozt 130 150
389 A rectangular (8.75”x7”) silver photo frame 35 55
390 A pair of antique French crystal glass perfume bottles with facet cut decoration, with glass stoppers and silver screw lids bearing French 1st standard (.950) assay marks of c.1910 65 85
391 A Georgian large size fiddle pattern butter knife by Thomas Robbins c. 1810, and a pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs London 1816 by Thomas Wilkes Barker 55 75
392 An Art Deco tea strainer, Birmingham 1944, a circular napkin ring, Birmingham 1949 and a shoe horn, Sheffield 1931 40 60
393 A Victorian fiddle pattern silver toddy ladle by George Adams, London 1863 40 60
394 A heavy gauge silver slide action pill box bearing Mexican sterling hallmarks, and an elegant design silver Chatelaine clip bearing Swedish hallmarks c.1910 45 65
395 A classic design five piece silver cruet set comprising mustard pot and spoon, salt pot and spoon and a pepper pot, all with glass liners and hallmarked for Birmingham 1959 70 90
396 An Antique three piece silver handled Christening set (knife, fork, spoon) bearing French 1st standard (.950) assay marks 30 50
397 A pair of heavy gauge rat tail pattern silver sauce ladles, London 1926 3.25ozt 65 85
398 A seven bar silver toast rack, Birmingham 1964, and a cut glass jam jar with silver lid, Birmingham 1957 65 85
399 A pair of Georgian Scottish silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs, Edinburgh 1810 and a silver bladed butter knife, London 1807 40 60
400 Various Edwardian silver items to include a butter dish, Sheffield 1901, a napkin ring, Birmingham 1901, a caddy spoon, Chester 1905, a pearl handled fruit knife, Sheffield 1902, a cut glass hat pin jar with silver lid, London 1901 and a small jade pickle fork, Birmingham 1907 65 85
401 A scarce Exeter hallmarked William IV fiddle pattern sauce ladle by Isaac Parkin 1836 45 65
402 A heavy gauge ‘Dog nose’ pattern silver Christening knife and spoon by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1928 3ozt 35 55
403 A pair of 2.25” high silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1963 and a decorative napkin ring in original retailer’s box, Birmingham 1966 50 70
404 A rectangular (10.5” x 2.75”) cut glass dish with silver rim bearing Austrian assay marks of 1920 30 50
405 Three Georgian silver old English pattern items to include a sauce ladle, London 1810, a tablespoon, London 1797 and a second table spoon, London 1798 5.5ozt 90 110
406 A five bar silver toast rack, Sheffield 1931 40 60
407 A scarce Exeter hallmarked antique fiddle pattern large size butter knife dating to 1848 and a pair of continental silver knife rests c.1910 45 65
408 A Victorian silver fruit basket (11”x8.75”x2.5”) with lobed panels to the body and with formal pierced and engraved decoration, Birmingham 1893 275 325
409 A pair of Georgian fiddle pattern tablespoons by Sarah & John Blake, London 1817 70 90
410 A pair of Scandinavian circular and shaped silver dishes with central embossed mountain goat decoration 35 55
411 A decorative antique silver butter knife and a pair of claw end sugar tongs, both bearing French first standard (.950) assay marks and c.1900 50 70
412 A pair of elegant design silver cream ladles, Birmingham 1939 60 80
413 A heavy gauge square shaped silver ashtray with engine turned decoration, a cut glass perfume bottle with silver collar together with a stopper, a pair of silver sherry and gin decanter labels and a Royal Bank of Scotland silver bookmark housed in original box 65 85
414 A heavy gauge Georgian fiddle pattern sauce ladle by William Chawner, London 1818 50 70
415 A scarce example of a pre-revolutionary Russian hallmarked silver matchbox holder with reeded decoration 40 60
416 A small heavy gauge silver cream jug and matching two handled sugar bowl hallmarked for London 1919 4ozt 60 80
417 A set of three William IV fiddle pattern silver tablespoons, London 1832, makers mark ‘LS’ 7.5ozt 125 175
418 A decorative Dutch hallmarked silver sifter spoon bearing London import marks of 1898 and a small decorative Continental silver cream jug of similar date 45 65
419 A pair of boat shaped salts with half fluted decoration, Birmingham 1896, a decorative sifter spoon, London 1879, a card case, Chester 1895, a pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs, London 1890, and a fiddle pattern egg spoon, Exeter 1853 100 130
420 A scarce example of a Georgian ‘scroll back’ silver tablespoon, London 1772 50 70
421 A jam spoon, Sheffield 1917, a napkin ring, Birmingham 1903, a pearl handled fruit knife, Sheffield 1909, a butter knife, Sheffield 1929, a tot cup, Chester 1922, and an egg cup, Birmingham 1971 65 85
422 A pair of child’s feeders (pusher and spoon) contained within fitted case, Sheffield 1927, and a Royal commemorative teaspoon, Sheffield 1934 40 60
424 A pair of 6” tall trumpet shaped silver vases, Birmingham 1972, and a pair of glass ashtrays with sterling silver applied decoration 50 70
425 A crystal glass decanter with fine quality engraved formal decoration and silver collar hallmarked for Birmingham 1926 50 70
426 A pair of heavy gauge oval silver napkin rings produced to commemorate the maiden world cruise of the P&O liner ‘Oriana’ 50 70
427 Two Dutch hallmarked silver novelty windmill items: a tea strainer and a long handled ice cream sundae spoon 50 70
428 A cream ladle, London 1932, a pair of butter knives, Sheffield 1930, a sifter spoon, Birmingham 1929, and a jam spoon, Sheffield 1930, all old English pattern 75 95
429 An ornate Victorian Scottish silver serving spoon with bright cut decoration to the handle and gilded bowl, Edinburgh 1873 35 55
430 A small cut glass jar complete with decorative silver jam spoon, Sheffield 1908 25 35
431 A pair of silver fish servers with faux ivory handles contained in a fitted case, Sheffield 1931 110 130
432 A cased set of six Edwardian silver gilt anointing tea/coffee spoons hallmarked for London 1902 and a crystal glass powder jar with silver lid, Birmingham 1918 65 85
433 An 8.75” long Georgian berry spoon, London 1818, and a pearl handled Georgian butter knife by Mathew Boulton, Birmingham 1816 55 75
434 Fine example of a William IV fiddle pattern sifter spoon. London 1830 50 70
435 A solid silver letter opener with decorative cast and pierced handle, London 1989, and an 8.25” tall cut glass rose bud vase on silver base, Birmingham 1985 50 70
436 A cased set of six Art Deco silver teaspoons and sugar tongs bearing the ‘Jubilee’ assay marks of Sheffield 1934 50 70
437 A collection of useful small silver plated items: a pair of candlesticks, a pair of sauce ladles, a sugar sifter spoon, a butter knife and a napkin ring 30 50
438 A 9” tall silver flower epergne with fixed central trumpet shaped vase and three smaller matching removable vases, each piece hallmarked for Birmingham 1920 125 150
439 A silver cream jug with fluted decoration and with lions claw feet, and a small oval shaped dish with case, pierced and embossed decoration.  Both bearing German assay marks 50 70
440 Six Kings pattern silver handled items comprising a bread knife, a pie slice, a cheese knife, a grapefruit knife, a pickle fork and a butter knife, all bearing Sheffield hallmarks of various dates 75 95
441 A pair of sterling silver handled wooden salad servers 30 50
442 A pair of 3” tall silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1973, and a decorative pair of sterling silver butter knives 55 75
443 A Georgian Scottish long handled ladle, Glasgow 1820 50 70
444 A pair of sterling salt and pepper shakers, a napkin ring with pierced decoration and an Arts and Crafts jam spoon 35 55
448 A silver leaf-shaped strainer, Birmingham 1910, a silver plated pierced sugar cube holder raised on four feet and a hand held long handled early 20th century suit brush (3 items) 15 20
472 A silver engine turned cigarette case, a pair of silver salad servers with cut glass handles together with six Continental 800 silver cake forks 30 50
476 A pair of silver rimmed cut glass salts and spoon together with a silver floral pierced dish 15 20
485 A silver gilt spoon designed by Leslie Durbin, with a gilt rams head finial, straight shaft and deep bowl, complete with detailed certificate for ‘The Clothworkers Company’ 60 80
486 Two pierced silver footed bowls, a silver topped toothbrush holder, two silver topped glass jars and a pair of silver handled glove stretchers 40 60
489 A silver caddy spoon in the form of a hand, a cased set of silver handled cake knives, together with a silver napkin ring 30 40
522 A small silver pepperette, a silver napkin ring and other silver items plus other silver plated items 40 60
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