Sporting Items – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
249 A rare Mallochs patent brass fish reel with line guide and ebonised handle 30 50
274 Two boxes of pool balls and four pool cues 10 20
287 A Gillian Clarke 1994 Commonwealth Games, Gold and Silver medallist signed badminton shirt with racket and shuttle cock, housed in a bow front perspex case 30 40
355 A vintage course fishing cane rod in canvas case 10 20
553 An ABU ‘Svangsta’ beach casting fishing rod, three other sea fishing rods, a holdall and a tackle box containing lead weights 10 20
555 Set of Ping 1,3 & 5 woods, together with a Ping titanium driver 30 50
560 A set of Howson Hippo XT-Tour golf irons together with putter and 1 & 3 woods 30 50
564 A new golf carry bag, rucksack, camera bag etc 10 20
574 Two leather and mahogany shooting sticks together with a collection of vintage golf clubs 20 30
644 A vintage split cane fly fishing rod ‘The Flash’ together with a bamboo fly fishing rod 30 40
756 A mahogany bow front Victorian chest of two short and three long drawers with ivory escutcheons 80 100
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