Toys – August 16th 2014

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 A mid 20th century Bowman live steam powered pond launch, an aluminium live steam speed boat and a Mamod style live steam motor 40 60
2 A collection of Burago, Tonka and Solido 1/18 scale die cast cars to include a Ferrari GTO, Mercedes 300SL, Lancia Spider, a Maserati 250F plus others (10 items) 40 50
31 A collection of Britains and other farm animals, play worn (1 box) 15 20
49 Assorted meccano, to include wheels, motors, cogs, gears, beams etc (2 boxes) 60 100
96 Assorted vintage games including Cluedo, Monopoly, playing cards, draughts, Ludo etc (1 box) 25 30
102 A collection of Burago die cast 1/18 scale collectors cars to include a Bugatti Type 59, a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, a Jaguar E Type cabriolet, Mercedes SSK, Alfa Romeo 2300 M and a Mercedes 500k all with wooden plinth, together with a Burago Dodge Viper and an Anson 1934 Packard both boxed 40 60
115 Two mahogany Solitaire boards complete with marbles, plus spares 30 50
128 A collection of assorted 1930s and later composition dolls with jointed limbs 20 30
169 A mid 20th century Italian cellulose doll marked ‘Cares’ to back of neck, wearing a silk wedding dress 20 40
194 A mid 20th century composition doll with sleeping eyes and upper teeth with wooden articulated limbs 30 40
201 A collection of vintage dolls of the world in national costumes (1 box) 10 20
232 A 1950’s boxed ‘Big Size’ British sports cars tin plate model of a friction driven MG sports car 15 25
290 Two Laura Grant designed plush Teddy bears both wearing tartan caps, scarves, trousers, and green wax jackets 10 20
313 A large Harrods teddy bear, two other jointed teddy bears and a soft toy monkey 20 40
327 A late 20th century bisque porcelain doll impressed mark to neck and head ‘Molly’ Dalm 98, in traditional dress housed in a perspex case 10 20
338 A 1970’s battery operated train set with automatic whistle and smoke 10 20
558 A box of assorted board games plus other items 10 20
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