Jewellery valuations services for insurance, probate etcJewellery has been a specialist interest of Pippa?s for a number of years and in 2005 she began her gemmological qualifications with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and has since qualified with a diploma in gemmology (FGA) and a gem diamond diploma (DGA). It is often jewellery that people are most keen to have valued for insurance purposes, and we offer a quick discreet valuation service which can be performed in your own home. For as little as £50 Pippa will value and photograph your jewellery and provide you with a bound document complete with photos and an additional CD. Alternatively if you are considering selling or exchanging your jewellery items then she is happy to offer a consultancy service with advice as to how best to go about doing this, and act as agent if required to do so.


Valuations for Sale

Valuing services for insurance, probate etcWe hold weekly valuation days between 10am and 4pm at our auction site at Quarry Farm in Bodiam where we are available to offer free valuations for sale by auction and receive consignments for our forthcoming sales. If you are unable to bring the items to us due to their size or the volume of items then we are happy to arrange an appointment to visit you. Alternatively on occasions valuations can be done using photographs sent by post or email.

If your item requires specialist knowledge or research we have a wide network of specialists that we can consult, and on occasion we may recommend other salerooms if we feel an item would do better in a specialist sale. Salerooms reward us for introducing a client to them by paying introductory commission which is a percentage of the hammer price of the item. This means the client does not pay any more than they would have otherwise done and their item is given the best chance of reaching its optimum price.

Please contact us today to arrange a valuation.


Inheritance Tax Valuations (Probate)

valuation for insurance probateWe offer a quick and thorough valuation service for the purpose of inheritance tax, with a sensitive approach. Liaising with the executors directly or the solicitors we provide professional, comprehensive valuations to enable the probate process to move swiftly along.

The company works with a number of local solicitors and is doing an increasing amount of work with private individuals who are executors and having to sort out deceased estates themselves. This situation can frequently incur concerns from other family members or interested parties, but can be resolved by the help and advice of a professional valuer.

Often we are merely asked to look at a couple of items such as jewellery or a painting, for which a small fee is charged.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment for one of our valuers to visit you and to discuss our charges.

We can also provide other valuations for situations such as family division and sales by private treaty.


Insurance Valuations

insurance valuationsIn case of loss, damage or theft, it is often advisable to have your more valuable possessions professionally assessed and valued. We offer a valuation service that is both affordable and discreet, providing the client with a formal valuation including images, and with an additional CD, that can be submitted to an insurance company and kept for your own records.

The retrieval of items after a theft can rely heavily on detailed descriptions and good quality images. Our insurance valuations are done with this in mind to enable the client to provide the insurance company and police not only with proof of ownership but also enough information to help identify and return the items where possible.

We can also provide other valuations for situations such as family division and sales by private treaty.


House Clearance

house clearanceClearing a property can be an exhausting and stressful experience. We can provide valuations for auction followed by a full house clearance. It can be surprising what items are saleable and having a valuer visit the premises to list the items of value allows family members and interested parties to make educated decisions about what items to sell or keep. Once items have been taken or consigned for auction we are able to offer a full clearance service leaving the property empty, swept and hovered and ready for estate agents or the next occupants.

Please contact us for further information, advice or to make an appointment for a no obligation valuation.



Pippa Deeley Auctions does not offer an in house haulage service. However, we are happy to recommend the individuals and businesses should you require carriage of your items – see the haulage page for more details.