Entering Items into Auction


  • Our charges are competitive and straightforward.  Sellers are charged 20% Commission and £2 per lot entered.  We are not VAT registered.  For a lot that has a hammer price of £100, £20 would be deducted as commission and £2 for the lotting fee, leaving £78 payable to the seller.   All charges are deducted at source.  There are no hidden additional costs such as unsold lot charges or a minimum fee, and the commission and lotting fee include all photography, loss and damage warranty, advertising, cataloguing, research, storage prior to the sale, illustration, online auction platform listing and general administration costs.


  • All items that are consigned for sale will be listed on a consignment form, with an estimated guide price and reserve, where applicable. The form will also clearly list our charges and our conditions of sale. The seller is required to sign the document stating they hold legal title to the goods and that they understand the conditions of sale. Proof of ID will be required such as a passport or driver’s license if you have not sold with us before.  We will also advise you of our forthcoming sale date(s).


  • Reserves can be placed on lots at the lower estimate or below. This ensures the seller is aware of the lowest figure a lot can be sold for.


  • All lots are fully catalogued and photographed. They are offered for sale by public auction at Court Lodge Farm, our off-site sale venue, whilst simultaneously being included in online auctions via our own Website, and with The Saleroom and Easy Live Auction.  The auctioneer will take bids from people both in the room and online, whilst also bidding on behalf of those who have left commission bids.  For more information on the buying process please visit our Viewing & Bidder Registration and Bidding & Saleday pages.  Lots are available to view in person during the two weeks prior to the sale by appointment at our offices at Quarry Farm, and also online.  We do not have a general view day.   On the sale day the lots will remain at our offices and will be shown on a screen during the auction.   The online auction platforms we use have extremely effective advertising, notification and search facilities, and along with our own advertising we ensure that all lots receive significant exposure to potential buyers in all areas, worldwide.


  • We receive hundreds of lot enquiries prior to each sale, requesting condition reports, additional information and images. This information enables bidders who are unable to view in person to make informed and confident bids.


  • Sellers are sent pre-sale advice prior to the auction. This lists full descriptions, lot number and agreed estimates and reserves and are sent via email unless otherwise instructed


  • Sellers are welcome to attend the sale, or can listen to the sale live via our Website.


  • The auctioneer is able to bid on the seller’s behalf up to the agreed reserve. Sellers are not permitted to bid on their own lots and any successful bid made over the reserve will be considered binding and the seller will be liable for any payment due.


  • Reserves can be fixed or have a discretion of 10%. This will be agreed with the seller during consignment.


  • Our minimum bid is £20.  We do not sell furniture, rugs, or general household items.


  • Unsold lots will be entered into a timed auction during the week following a sale. This is done at no additional cost to the vendor, with the agreed reserve price as the starting bid.  This gives the unsold lots a second chance and allows bidders who missed the sale the opportunity to bid.


  • A fee is payable if a lot is withdrawn prior to an auction to cover cataloguing and photography fees. The seller will be required to pay a minimum of £25 for the withdrawal of each lot, after the deadline for entries date, or 15% of the lower estimated value.


  • Items consigned for sale are covered for loss and damage whilst in our care at the lower estimate, until title passes to the buyer. If a lot is unsold and awaiting collection it will continue to be held against loss and damage until six weeks after the sale date.


  • Payment is made no less than three weeks after the sale by bank transfer, unless otherwise instructed.  Payment of a lot will only be made if we have received in the full the amount owed by the buyer.  If payment is not made the sale may be cancelled and the lot returned or re-offered in a future sale.


  • We are regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.  As a seller this ensures that your money is safeguarded in a dedicated Client Account which is reconciled regularly to ensure that any funds owing to clients can be identified at all times and cannot be used for any other purpose.


  • The Data Protection Act 2018 and RICS regulations require us to uphold strict protocols regarding the information we hold on our clients including how it is obtained, stored, used and deleted.  Subject to any specific consents you may have given us, your information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found on our Terms of Business page.  Buyers should also familiarise themselves with our obligation to company with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, details of which can also be found on our Terms of Business page.


  • Our Buyer’s Premium is 20% of the hammer price.